• KRG promises September payments

  • Back in the fray in Iran

    Tehran’s mid-July nuclear agreement provides space for its re-entry into the global oil market, and for international oil companies to plant their flags back in the Islamic Republic, says James Gavin

  • Wanted: courage and cash

    As Brent hits a six-year low, assets should be correspondingly attractive. However, apart from defensive mergers and portfolio rationalisations, M&A activity is quiet

  • US shale drillers feel the financial crunch

    The financial pain from lower oil prices is taking its toll on shale producers and sending production lower, writes Justin Jacobs


Latest issue: July/August 2015

Gearing up for Paris

June was a busy month for governments and the energy industry the world over. The run-up has started to the year-end climate-change boondoggle in Paris

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