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World Energy Outlook: oil-price pressure
16 November 2017
While crude demand will grow over the long-term, vast US reserves and lower cost production will keep a lid on prices, says the International Energy Agency
The IEA thinks a supply crunch is coming
17 November 2016
Production will not keep pace with demand within a decade unless drillers start spending money again, the agency says
World Energy Outlook: The IEA’s winners and losers
13 November 2012
The US will overtake leading producers within the next five years, says WEO
The shifting global landscape of energy markets
12 November 2012
Increased output and soaring demand is driving change
Oil and gas investment crucial – IEA
1 December 2009
Progress at the Copenhagen climate-change conference to boost the use of renewables is essential, and so is increased investment in fossil fuels, says the IEA. Ian Lewis reports
Peak-oil claims rear their head again
13 November 2009
Despite signals that the world has plenty of crude to meet demand, the peak-oil theory is back in the headlines
Chilling vision of global warming
25 November 2007
Our chances of successfully tackling climate change before damage to the environment becomes irreversible are worsening. So says the IEA in its most worrying World Energy Outlook ever. Alex Forbes reports
IEA to focus on energy security and climate change
1 October 2007
The International Energy Agency took a much higher profile in world energy affairs under Claude Mandil. With a new executive director, Nobuo Tanaka, at the helm, what will be the agency's priorities? Interview by Alex Forbes