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Wintershall-Dea no guide to future IPO performance
25 April 2019
Post-merger momentum contrasts with wider industry cynicism over energy IPOs
Wintershall-DEA: The anatomy of a merger
23 November 2018
The Wintershall-DEA deal brings together businesses that in 2017 had combined sales of €4.7bn
Wintershall and DEA: A merger with ‘major’ aspirations
23 November 2018
The Wintershall and DEA merger, the largest upstream deal in Europe for over a decade, will be heavily weighted to gas, putting it at the centre of a heated gas debate in Germany
Europe waits on Germany
29 May 2018
Despite being a leader in renewables, the country can't kick its coal habit
Libya's oil output restrained
28 March 2018
Investment is needed to boost production capacity
Norway winds down
5 March 2018
Fresh developments in the Arctic promise new production, but enthusiasm for fresh licenses has waned
Libya's seesawing oil production
2 March 2018
The head of the country's National Oil Corporation is succeeding in pushing output higher against the odds, only for its ubiquitous militias to push it back down again
Natural gas still not getting through in Europe
17 May 2017
Coal still beats natural gas in many European markets, notably Germany. This makes no sense, says Wintershall chief executive Mario Mehren
Wintershall’s frack attack
26 March 2014
Germany's hydraulic fracturing (fracking) moratorium could damage the country’s industrial base – and place its energy security in jeopardy, Rainer Seele, the chairman of oil and gas company Wintershall claimed
Germany's fracking moratorium could damage energy industry
26 March 2014
The chairman of company Wintershall spoke at a conference to warn of the actions
Denmark oil hopes lifted by Wintershall discovery
2 April 2013
Wintershall said in late-March that a well and two sidetracks at its Hibonite structure pointed to it holding about 100 million barrels of oil-in-place
Fungus could boost crude Wintershall output by 45%
23 May 2011
German oil producer Wintershall hopes that fungi could help it boost its crude production by as much as 45%
Wintershall banks on Russia for energy security
23 May 2011
Germany's Wintershall is set to boost its gas output from western Siberia as it looks for ways to offset challenging domestic production conditions
Don’t believe the European shale-gas hype
4 April 2011
Wintershall urges caution on unconventional gas