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LNG feedgas projects face carbon risk
27 September 2019
Australian upstream projects to extend LNG plant lifespans will need to consider carbon emissions impacts
Australia finds more gas for home and abroad
18 June 2019
Santos’ discovery of a sizeable gas column in the Northern Carnarvon Basin should boost the NWS venture’s expansion plans
Discord in Australian LNG damages Asia export hopes
7 December 2018
Broad collaboration is essential if a new wave of Australian LNG projects is to be competitive
Exploration is back on the agenda in Australia
8 November 2018
A landmark energy report warns that Australia must go back to drilling
Australia’s Dorado: A black gold bonanza
9 October 2018
After three decades without sizable discoveries, Western Australia is now the country’s most exciting exploration province
Australia's gas race has begun
2 October 2018
Three potential LNG projects are competing to fill eastern Australia's gas-demand supply gap
Australia's LNG comes of age
2 October 2018
Western Australia has the potential resources and infrastructure to supply the world with LNG for decades
Empire casts rule over Perth basin permit
16 August 2012
Empire Oil & Gas is set to test the unconventional potential of the Lower Cattamarra coal measures in Australia’s onshore Perth basin, saying exploration permit 389 could hold as much as 24 trillion cubic feet (cf) of gas
Tap casts eye over Carnavon basin potential
24 April 2012
Independent Tap Oil is expanding its Australian footprint with a deal focusing on shale oil and gas plays in the onshore Carnarvon basin
Western Australia to subsidise costly shale-gas development
3 March 2011
Government halves royalties to 5%; unconventional gas resources greater than conventional