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Permian crude driving storage expansion
16 August 2019
North American crude output is exceeding storage capacity and driving a storage construction boom
Continental storage divide
30 October 2018
European oil storage struggles as new facilities aid further growth in Asia
Shipping—let battle commence
20 February 2018
Competition to provide ships with a low-sulphur alternative will hot up as the IMO deadline approaches. It's not clear which fuel will win
Storage fundamentals turn
20 October 2017
A shift in most oil markets from contango to backwardation is changing the outlook for the global storage business
2012 Independent Storage Survey: Capacity growth driven by refining trends
11 December 2012
Independent oil storage operators are adding new capacity at the world’s key refining and trading hubs to accommodate growth in long-distance flows
International oil-storage operators expand on supply trends
7 December 2011
The big international independent oil-storage operators are implementing capacity expansions to support the growing long-distance trade in refined products