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Downward price pressure is unrelenting
14 May 2005
Irrespective of what happens in the Gulf, the fundamentals underlying the low oil price have not changed
Capex plunges
1 April 2005
A temporary break in electoral activity has not brought about the expected revival in oil sector investment. Instead, capital spending has slipped, while the government's ambivalent relationship with foreign companies has led to clashes with investors and delays in approving new projects, reports Robert Olson
Chávez stuns opponents
1 September 2004
Oil law in force
1 February 2002
Chavez’ oil law under pressure
1 January 2002
Venezuela's new hydrocarbons law, approved by presidential decree in November and due to come into force at the start of this month, may, by now, be on hold. A nationwide strike on 10 December, in response to a package of economic reforms proposed by President Hugo Chávez – particularly concerning land reform, but also elements of the oil law – brought businesses to a grinding halt. Fedecamaras, the country’s largest business confederation, called the strike to protest at the proposed widening of the state’s role in various industries.
Gas is growth area, not oil
1 January 2002
Venezuela’s vast, untapped gas resources and under-exploited markets offer significant investment opportunities for privately owned companies. Even so, progress with some projects, such as Venezuela LNG, remains slow. The oil sector is less accessible and, if the government pushes ahead with the new hydrocarbons law, will be all but closed to foreign capital, writes Tom Nicholls