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Maduro's presidency leaves little hope for oil companies
24 April 2013
When a stagnant economy and a moribund energy sector, Venezuela needs pragmatism rather than politics. But Maduro's elevation to the presidency leaves little room for hope
Oil industry tests Venezuela as election kicks off
3 April 2013
After more than a year of nearly non-stop campaigning, Venezuelans could be forgiven for suffering from election fatigue
Carroll book looks at Hugo Chávez: The lord of misrule
21 March 2013
Rory Carroll’s clinical assessment of Hugo Chávez’s legacy is both an indictment of the comandante and a love letter to Venezuela
Oil industry counts cost of Chávez inheritance
20 March 2013
Chávez left behind a mixed legacy for Venezuela, now the country must move forward
Post-Chávez era holds potential perils and promise
20 March 2013
The post-Chávez era holds potential perils and promise for investors from Houston to Beijing to Moscow
Oil industry watches as Venezuelan drama unfolds
9 January 2013
President Hugo Chávez's health crisis is providing uncertainty for Venezuela
Tight oil’s threat to Venezuela’s Orinoco belt
14 December 2012
High-cost heavy-oil belt production may lose out to cheaper US unconventional output
Hugo Chávez retains power in Venezuelan election
24 October 2012
As Hugo Chávez retains power in Venezuela, what do the next six years hold for the country’s energy sector?
Venezuela nears World Bank arbitration court exit
19 July 2012
Venezuela to exit World Bank’s international court in latest blow to investors
Venezuela’s election hots up with energy policy visions
21 June 2012
As Venezuela’s October election nears, president Hugo Chavez and his challenger Henrique Capriles Rodonski have started to outline different visions for the future of the country’s oil sector
Chavez faces stiff election challenge in Venezuela
29 March 2012
This year will see what is expected to be the most hotly contested election in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez won the presidency in 1999
Waiting on the Orinoco’s flows in Venezuela
29 March 2012
Progress looks as far away as ever at Venezuela's great oil hope
PdV eyes new Orinoco Belt production
7 February 2012
Venezuela’s state-owned PdV is on track to start production at a number of heavy-oil projects this year in the Orinoco Belt
Venezuela claims oil-reserves top spot
19 August 2011
Venezuela has toppled Saudi Arabia as holder of the world’s largest proved crude oil reserves, according to Opec
Chavez cosies up to China amid US sanctions
7 July 2011
US sanctions on Venezuela, for supplying fuel to Iran, will have little practical impact as the country forges closer ties with rapidly developing Asian markets
Canada slips to third in oil-reserves ranking
23 June 2011
According to the latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy, Canada has fallen behind Venezuela in the oil-reserves ranking
Tax move by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez
10 May 2011
Chavez boosts state's take from the oil patch
Venezuelan gas plans hit by rig sinking
1 July 2010
Venezuela's PdV found itself briefly in the spotlight when a contracted drilling rig sank in the Gulf of Paria
Venezuela sanctions offshore gas project
4 May 2010
Venezuela's urgent need to exploit its gas resources seems to be outweighing President Hugo Chávez's dislike of Western firms
Venezuela: China secures long-term oil supply, Chávez secures finance
4 May 2010
"CHINA needs energy security and we're here to provide them with all the oil they need," said Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez last month. His country also needs cash. So a new oil-for-loans deal signed with Chinese state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a good fit
Venezuela's oil revolution is stalling
9 March 2009
Falling oil prices are playing havoc with the ambitions of the world's petro-nationalist countries. Venezuela has some backtracking to do
ExxonMobil bids adiós
1 December 2008
As investment conditions worsen, private-sector oil companies are pulling out of Latin America. ExxonMobil is leading the way
Cash the new king of the oil sector
25 November 2008
High commodity prices put resource-rich countries in command and left IOCs scrambling for a strategy. How will falling oil prices and tighter credit affect them and their rivals? Derek Brower reports
LNG the only option as regional gas supply falters
1 May 2007
Brazil, Mexico and Chile, are turning to LNG imports to meet soaring demand for gas and they are prepared to pay a premium to secure steady supplies, writes Robert Cauclanis
Elaborate, daunting plans
1 February 2007
Energy shortages are a growing threat in South America because pipelines are not being built fast enough to keep up with demand, writes Robert Cauclanis