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Houthis turn up the heat on Saudi coalition
28 March 2018
Saudi Arabia is considering its response after intercepting seven missiles launched from Yemeni soil
UN expresses despair over Yemen
1 March 2018
The outgoing envoy blames all sides for failing to grasp peace opportunities
Sustainable energy: Learning from the success stories
19 April 2017
Sharing good examples is the key to change SEforALL’s Rachel Kyte tells World Energy Focus
Libya’s enduring calamity
24 March 2016
A new unity government seems destined to deliver neither unity nor government
Libya on the brink
7 January 2016
Hopes for the UN's unity government are fading, IS is capitalising on the chaos, renewing its assault on energy infrastructure, and the drumbeat for Western intervention is getting louder
Energy companies should consider climate change in business plans
6 January 2015
Energy producers should take climate change policy more seriously for their long term strategy
Renewables trade to tackle global energy poverty
17 October 2013
Improving international trade of clean energy will help to lift millions of people in developing countries out of poverty, industry leaders said
Cancun climate talks: A first step to replacing Kyoto
27 January 2011
The Kyoto protocol expires in 2012. But there is much uncertainty about what will replace it
Blame row threatens Niger Delta clean-up
30 September 2010
The argument over whether it is thieves and saboteurs, or oil companies that are mainly to blame for oil-spill damage in the Niger Delta is threatening progress in cleaning up the region
Iran feels the pressure of sanctions and self-inflicted problems
29 July 2010
More sanctions make life harder for Iran. But its own disastrous economic management might have worse consequences, write Tom Nicholls and Simon Crompton
Copenhagen's letter of intent may yet spur global climate action
1 February 2010
Governments still have opportunities to rescue 2009's disappointing UN climate-change meeting in Copenhagen, writes Ian Lewis
Copenhagen: far-reaching climate agreement an impossible dream
2 November 2009
US involvement gives the climate-change summit in Copenhagen greater significance than previous global events, but the results will disappoint environmental lobby groups, writes Ian Lewis
Inching towards Copenhagen
5 January 2009
Copenhagen meeting draws nearer but previous conventions leave considerable doubt over what will be achieved
Turkmenistan: East versus West
1 October 2007
After 16 years of isolation, Turkmenistan is opening its doors to Western investors. But its best prospects for expansion are linked with Russia and China, writes NJ Watson