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UK leads Europe’s shale pack with world record reserves
5 December 2013
Government backing, generous tax breaks and world-class reserves should make the UK a major unconventional gas producer
Management key to operating firms well amid risks
21 November 2013
Oil and gas firms operate in high-tech, often hazardous, and increasingly complex regulated environments. A management system with integrity ensures compliance and provides greater control and transparency across the enterprise, writes Wood Group Intetech's Liane Smith
Fracking poses little health risk to UK public, says report
31 October 2013
Shale-gas development poses little risk to public health, according to a new report by the UK government
UK fossil fuel output tumbles by over 9%
26 September 2013
The UK's total energy production fell by more than 9% in the second quarter of 2013, according to government data
UK government calls for caution around shale gas development
12 September 2013
Ed Davey tells the country that shale gas is no silver bullet, but unconventional fuel will be key to Britain's energy security
UK protests are about fears over the future
29 August 2013
Concerns over the future of renewable energy and unconventionals fuel protests
Anti-fracking protest outside Cuadrilla Resources PR firm
19 August 2013
A small group of anti-fracking protesters glued themselves to the front door of the London building which houses the offices of Cuadrilla Resources’ PR firm Bell Pottinger
Time to reset energy policy priorities in the UK
19 August 2013
The UK's energy strategy needs a rethink as production falls
Hopes for help for UK refiners after report calls for action
7 August 2013
The report recommends the government looks at regulations and taxes faced by refiners
UK safety regime in spotlight after Cullen inquiry report
30 July 2013
A quarter of century after the Piper Alpha disaster, offshore regulations are once again top of the industry’s agenda
British MP dances on France’s shale grave
17 July 2013
Britain hoping to attract shale investment as other governments in Europe resist development, Justin Jacobs writes
Delays for Spain's unconventional plans
10 July 2013
Spain's unconventional plans are delayed, while in the UK, Cuadrilla considers six new sites for fracking
UK needs to start fracking to revive its energy sector
4 July 2013
The UK could be sitting on 1,300 trillion cubic feet worth of shale gas resources
British Geological Survey study boosts UK gas hopes
27 June 2013
A long-awaited report from the British Geological Survey points to vast unconventional gas resources, writes Justin Jacobs
Bowland shale output to curb UK gas imports by 14%
18 June 2013
Production from the Bowland basin could see UK imports decline by almost 15%, according to a new report
UK extends regulator's powers amid price fixing probe
6 June 2013
The UK government has widened the powers of its power market regulator following the energy price fixing probe
UK shale gas might be ready for take-off this year
6 June 2013
This year may very well see the unconventionals sector begin to deliver on its rich promise
IGas boosts UK unconventional shale gas stash
4 June 2013
The country has 170 trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas in northern England
UK shale gas could be a new North Sea
22 May 2013
Lobbyists have stepped up the campaign on both sides as a new report says the production of shale gas could help boost the UK's energy industry and economy
UK tells shale players to step up and apply for licences
16 May 2013
The UK government has urged prospective shale-gas developers to come forward and apply for drilling licences
UK's offshore shale gas a North Sea lifeline
9 May 2013
The country's vast reserves could revive ailing production and sidestep the public's opposition to fracking
Margaret Thatcher’s influential energy legacy
10 April 2013
Margaret Thatcher, UK prime minister from 1979-90, who died in on 8 April, brought profound changes to the country’s business life and particularly to the energy sector
The Iron Lady and the UK coal sector
9 April 2013
The Thatcher government’s confrontation with the UK's coal miners was the most bitter industrial dispute the country had ever seen. It changed the UK’s industrial landscape irrevocably, and its effects are still being felt today. But not, perhaps, in a way you would expect
UK needs a rational debate about shale-gas development
2 April 2013
The UK is coming round the idea of shale-gas development. But what we need now is for the media to steer a calm, rational debate about the fuel's benefits and drawbacks
Panic over UK gas supplies is unnecessary
28 March 2013
The panic over dwindling fuel supplies and possible rationing is just that. The lights are going to stay on for a long time yet
UK hunting for new energy investment
28 March 2013
The UK has launched a new oil and gas strategy aimed at luring billions of pounds of new investment into the country’s energy sector