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United Kingdom: Grand wind-power plans far from assured
1 September 2010
DOZENS of wind farms are in the pipeline and manufacturers are queuing up to build turbines in the UK, attracted by positive noises from the new coalition government and existing incentives
UK wind sector plays catch-up
9 July 2009
Government incentives have breathed a new lease of life into the UK wind sector, but is it too little too late? Ian Lewis writes
Vestas manages the winds of change
1 February 2009
The company's financial results and forecasts are positive, but falling energy prices and the global financial crisis may yet take their toll on Vestas
Wind sector set to ride out turbulence
1 February 2009
The economics of wind energy may be shakier, given falling energy prices and a tight credit environment, but the need for countries to meet tough renewable-energy targets should help the industry ride the downturn
Wind firms look to supersize turbines
1 February 2009
In a difficult investment climate for the wind sector, technological developments aimed at generating more power from turbines and reducing costs are increasingly important