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Oil markets on the rise
10 July 2018
The oil-price recovery has helped to improve the outlook for oil and gas capital markets
Margins push global refinery turnarounds 40% lower
24 October 2016
The biggest outages will be in Asia but there are stark regional differences
Margins push global refinery turnabouts 40% lower
14 October 2016
The biggest outages will be in Asia but there are stark regional differences
Expect record global refinery throughput in Q3
21 September 2016
Runs may surge but they won’t match demand growth
Bulging product stocks pressurise refinery margins
3 August 2016
Profits for processing crude into refined products have fallen far from last year’s highs. Europe in particular is feeling the pressure
Is $50/b Brent’s new normal?
8 July 2016
Analysts think the worst is over and a rough floor has been established, for now
Market watch: June
8 June 2016
Production outages, Opec's meeting, and perhaps a new era of US gas exports
Asian LNG buyers in command
8 June 2016
The region’s biggest importers want cheaper supplies
It’s time to innovate and evolve says McCallum
18 May 2015
James McCallum, chief executive at energy services company LR Senergy, a part of Lloyd’s Register Group, believes this is a defining moment for the energy industry. He tells Petroleum Economist why
AOGC delegates seek debate on industry’s future
18 May 2015
Optimistic views were heard at the conference amid uncertain times
Back to the future for reserve based finance amid downturn
26 March 2015
Jason Fox and Olivia Caddy, from Bracewell & Giuliani, consider the debt markets for E&P companies and the changes to the financial landscape since the last oil price rout
China is the one to watch for energy market predictions
5 January 2015
The country is becoming more significant in the global oil markets - its future in energy is important for the industry
Independent storage under pressure as volumes fall
8 December 2014
Capacity expansions, coming at a time of trimmed volumes, have raised competition in the worldwide oil storage business
Innovation is essential for affordable sustainable energy
18 November 2014
A Petronas executive has said the current model of competition is unsustainable
Renewable power generating capacity growing fast
2 September 2014
Over the next six years renewables are expected to account for 80% of the total new power generation
Lack of investment in Russia could risk global supplies, WPC hears
3 July 2014
The World Petroleum Congress heard that lack of investment could risk the Russian oil industry's status as a large fossil fuel supplier
Uneven progress for world chemicals business
2 July 2014
The worldwide chemicals business is strengthening but Europe is lagging
Efficiency and innovation could slash energy demand growth
20 March 2014
Rising costs and improving technology will be the driving forces behind future energy
Frustrated investors push for a greener Big Oil
20 March 2014
The supermajors have fallen on hard times - costs have surged, output has fallen. Investors have grown frustrated by low returns and high oil prices have not proven to be the remedy they had hoped. What comes next?
Energy leaders give stark warning on climate change
17 October 2013
Climate change experts have warned that the international community must do more to halt global warming, writes Helen Robertson
Shale and other new energy sources bring opportunities
17 October 2013
New frontier energy sources, such as methane hydrates and oil shale, have the potential to transform the energy landscape, but technical innovation will be crucial to help unlock them
Global oil output stalls on Libyan losses
17 September 2013
Global oil production fell by 775,000 barrels a day (b/d) in August, to 91.6 million b/d, as soaring Saudi Arabian output failed to completely offset Libyan losses
Despite production outages the oil price should fall
12 September 2013
As the threat of US military action recedes and seasonal demand eases, the oil price should drop
SUV boom bolsters Chinese oil demand
14 June 2013
Despite a slowing economy, some bullish forecasters predict China’s oil demand will be stronger for longer as transportation, rather than industrialisation, spurs growth
US tight oil production leaving Nigeria under pressure
26 March 2013
Rising tight-oil production in the US threatens to unravel Nigeria’s oil exports
Deep-water spending set to double by 2017
14 February 2013
Spending on deep-water oil and gas projects will more than double in the next five years as drilling and field development activity offshore Brazil and Africa ramps up, a new report claims
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