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Canadian rocky road to recovery
23 February 2018
Oil output is still ticking higher, but depressed prices and persistent pipeline problems are weighing on the industry
US gas galore
16 February 2018
Returns have been more difficult to find than gas in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays. New pipelines opening up fresh markets and better wells could help improve things
Fading Canadian pipeline ambition
5 January 2018
The revival of Keystone XL and Canada's tricky pipeline politics doomed Energy East
Keystone XL's first hurdle passed
10 May 2017
The challenges are not over for the pipeline which will run from Alberta to the Gulf Coast
Obama calls off the Keystone XL project
10 November 2015
After seven years, the Keystone XL project has been called off by President Obama, surprising few
Keystone XL conundrum after Obama veto
26 February 2015
Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are weighing their options following US president Barack Obama’s veto of legislation submitted to him by Congress, which would have cleared the way for the scheme to go ahead
Pricey business
24 September 2014
Cost inflation has replaced market access as the biggest worry for operations in Canada's oil sands
Canada sidesteps KXL with Energy East
12 August 2013
Faced with growing oil-sands production and delays to export pipelines to the US, Canada is moving ahead with a 1.1 million barrel a day (b/d) link from Alberta to the Atlantic coast
TransCanada to build Mexican gas pipelines
6 November 2012
Mexico is pressing ahead with plans to increase the use of natural gas in its power sector
CEO John Manzoni's move makes Talisman sale unlikely
13 September 2012
The chief executive's resignation makes the sale less likely for Talisman
TransCanada to build Canada LNG pipeline
7 June 2012
The company will build, own and operate the LNG pipeline
TransCanada brings XL back to life despite speed bumps
9 May 2012
Despite what its chief executive described as “speed bumps”, the Keystone oil-sands pipeline to Texas is already an important part of TransCanada’s plans to ship 40% of Canada’s exports to the US
Nebraska: Keystone XL opposition’s Ground Zero
27 October 2011
Nebraska looks set to be the key state in the battle against the $7 billion Keystone oil-sands pipeline
TransCanada says rejection of Keystone XL "lose, lose, lose"
3 October 2011
Russ Girling says rejection of Keystone would increase US reliance on offshore oil
Spill shuts Keystone pipeline
12 May 2011
Around 500 barrels of crude estimated to have been spilt
New Brunswick eyes shale future
27 April 2011
Rules for “sustainable and responsible” development needed
We want your bitumen, Gulf refiners tell Alberta
10 March 2011
Keystone XL in US “national interest” – TransCanada; US refiners would “embrace” bitumen – Valero
Keystone gets pricier
17 February 2011
TransCanada costs soar by $1bn
BC pipeline projects point at gas for Asia
10 February 2011
NEB approves TransCanada gas pipeline; Kitimat LNG partners increase holding in supply link
US opposition threatens oil-sands growth – Liepert
14 October 2010
Opposition to the expansion of Canadian export pipelines could deter investment in the oil sands, compromising the security of US energy supplies, says Ron Liepert, Alberta’s energy minister
Enbridge oil leak seeps into debate about Canada's crude supplies to the US
4 August 2010
An oil spill on an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan has undermined notions that Canadian oil imports provide a safer alternative to domestic US drilling
Refining and marketing
1 April 2005
Canada: TransCanada enters crude-export race