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Opec's narrowing options
24 May 2017
An extension to the cuts may not help the group as much as it helps Texas
Adapting to oil's new reality
9 May 2017
The industry has been battered by price volatility over the past two years. For ConocoPhillips, adaptation is the key to not just surviving, but thriving
Opec to extend, tight oil to grow
9 May 2017
The group is expected to extend its cuts deal. But global supply could still surge
Opec cuts, shale mends
10 January 2017
Is American tight oil going to ruin the price recovery?
Swing states
20 September 2016
Is American tight oil really now the world’s swing supplier?
Looking to oil's vanishing point
27 April 2016
Hard-to-quantify shifts may be underway in global energy and the oil industry will ignore them at its peril
Russian oil ministry sees a collapse in output
15 March 2016
Russia has repeatedly defied outsiders’ forecasts of imminent oil decline. Now the energy ministry is the one preaching doom
The big shale capital crunch
19 February 2016
US tight oil producers are pulling out all the stops to get through the sector’s first major test
Tight oil output expected to decline in 2016
3 December 2015
Unless change happens soon, low oil prices will continue to overwhelm tight oil producers, writes Justin Jacobs
Opec gambles against US tight oil amid low oil prices
30 October 2014
They may not realise it yet, but the US’ tight oil producers are in a game of who-blinks-first with Opec
Angola and Nigeria hurt by US tight oil production
23 October 2014
Oil production in the US is hurting West Africa’s Opec members, even as their own output rises
Cost inflation worrying Canadian oil sands producers
23 September 2014
Cost inflation has replaced market access as the biggest worry for operations in Canada's oil sands
Bullish US tight oil production rise will slash imports
10 April 2014
US tight oil production could soar to nearly 13 million barrels per day (b/d) over the next two decades, slashing its oil imports to almost zero from 2037
Asia-Pacific needs significant exploration to unlock potential
13 February 2014
The region has vast potential, but can explorers realise it?
Obstacles in the way of a global tight oil revolution
24 January 2014
The world has hundreds of billions of barrels of unconventional oil to produce. But many obstacles stand in the way
Unconventional oil explained
24 January 2014
Kerogen oil, oil shale, shale oil, oil sands, tight oil: what is the difference?
New US production is reshaping oil markets, says IEA
15 May 2013
The rise of US tight oil is revolutionising global markets in a way that will produce new winners and losers over the next five years
Oil buoyant thanks to supply risks, says IEA
12 April 2013
Prices have fallen, demand growth is sluggish and supply has rebounded in some key producing countries, but it may be too soon to declare a bear market
US tight oil production leaving Nigeria under pressure
26 March 2013
Rising tight-oil production in the US threatens to unravel Nigeria’s oil exports
Chevron plans to double US tight-oil output by 2017
14 March 2013
The aim is part of a five year plan to increase global output to 3.3 million b/d
Shale-oil output to hit 14 million b/d by 2035
19 February 2013
Global shale-oil output will see a steep rise over the next 20 years, according to a new report, writes Helen Robertson
Tight oil's rise reshapes Yergin's world view
10 January 2013
The rise of North American tight oil is providing Daniel Yergin with plenty of material for the next chapter in his long-running narrative of the global oil industry
The global quest for light tight oil as US production rises
3 January 2013
Forecasts for growth in US oil production and reserves have risen dramatically, thanks to light tight oil. Operators, investors, regulators and politicians are pondering light tight oil's potential and the likely implications for global oil supply and demand
Global upstream spending at record levels
28 November 2012
Global upstream spending has risen by 10% this year to a record $550 billion, driven higher by soaring investment in US tight-oil projects, Wood Mackenzie, the energy consultancy, has said in a new report
Canada looks east for oil outlet, challenging Mideast exporters
13 November 2012
Faced with a dwindling number of outlets for oil exports in the US and Asia, Canada is hedging bets and looking to its eastern provinces to take up rising domestic production of tight oil and oil sands
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