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Asian LNG demand set to rebound rapidly
27 October 2020
Both the data and personal experience point to a very quick resumption of the region’s demand growth
Thai petchems await China rebound
28 April 2020
Diversified PTTGC is strong enough to wait for Chinese product demand but others may suffer
Asia’s state heavyweights hold firm on upstream spending
3 April 2020
With international oil prices at nearly two-decade lows, Asia’s oil and gas developers have begun to review their capex budgets as they strive to weather the downturn
Licensing rounds announcements and developments
29 March 2020
The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses
Beijing maintains expansionist tendencies
13 March 2020
China has not lost its interest in oil and gas assets around the South China Sea
PTTEP faces margin pressure on gas plan
20 February 2020
As the Thai NOC embarks on its record five-year investment programme, analysts wonder how it will maintain profitability
Thailand sets its sights on larger LNG share
16 July 2019
Thai government looks to increase imports as gas reserves continue to slide
Majors and US independents leave southeast Asian gap
12 April 2019
A rush to US shale has left opportunities for others in areas left behind
Downward drift
28 June 2018
Gas production across the region is set to decline, with China the major exception, leading to increasing LNG imports
Thailand joins Asia gas-reserves search
12 March 2018
Facing voracious demand for energy, Asian countries are planning either to increase imports or seek new upstream opportunities
Reasons for Thailand to smile?
31 July 2017
Thailand's energy sector is struggling to cope with rising demand and maturing fields. Investors are not flocking to help
Weaker China, stronger India
1 December 2016
It was a mixed year in Asia's energy sector, where the oil market's gaze shifted away from its stalwart to a new rising economy
Juntanomics in Southeast Asia
13 October 2016
Thailand needs lots more LNG and much more investment. The military dictatorship probably won’t help it get either
Big gloom, small promise
4 April 2016
New Asian LNG demand centres are emerging while the region’s big consumers need less of the fuel
PTTEP interested in BG’s Thailand assets
7 September 2015
Thailand’s state-backed PTT Exploration & Production has reportedly expressed an interest in UK BG’s Thai assets.
Solar energy push could offset LNG demand in Thailand
13 November 2014
The country's reserves are faltering, but a new push has been made towards renewable energy
Thailand's at risk of exhausted reserves by 2023
12 November 2014
Weak exploration will leave the nation at the mercy of imports
Asia-Pacific’s shale gas potential yet to be tapped
5 December 2013
Promising plays are scattered across the region, but exploration has scarcely begun
PTTEP pushes ahead despite setbacks
23 August 2013
With an aggressive foreign strategy, Thailand’s state oil firm wants to put a string of setbacks behind it
LNG market set for Thai demand surprise
12 January 2012
Could the sudden jump in energy demand from Thailand make it the surprise LNG buyer this year?
Cambodia in bid to resolve Thai border row
2 September 2011
There is renewed hope that Cambodia and the newly elected Thai government will resume talks to resolve claims to a 27,000 square kilometre resource-rich stretch of seabed in the Gulf of Thailand
Gas leak forces Thailand to turn to LNG imports
29 June 2011
Thailand may have to quadruple liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports after a gas leak cut supplies from its Plathong offshore field in the Gulf of Thailand
Thais opt for LNG over nuclear
28 April 2011
Thailand is preparing to double LNG imports after putting plans for two new nuclear power plants on ice in the aftermath of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi disaster
Mixed fortunes
1 August 2007
While the world's attention is drawn to burgeoning energy-demand statistics in China and India, Petroleum Economist asks how those countries' neighbours in Southeast Asia are aiming to meet their own supply needs. Derek Brower reports