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Lower oil price forces tax regime changes
6 June 2019
The effective oil price ceiling created by the US shale boom is causing governments elsewhere to revise their tax codes
UK lowers corporation tax in boost to shale gas
6 December 2012
The UK plans to lower its corporation tax as part of a drive to encourage investment needed to develop the country’s shale gas industry
LNG backlash against Australia carbon tax
13 April 2011
Gas industry lobbies for exemption; tax a threat to investment reputation
Worried, big oil fights back
30 September 2010
The US oil and gas industry's leading trade association has launched a powerful campaign aimed at mobilising Americans to oppose legislation it says would hinder economic growth, cost jobs and erode energy security
UK offers tax incentive for gas frontier
1 March 2010
The decision is expected to lead to the go-ahead, this month or next, for the first gas development in the area, Total's Laggan-Tormore
Tax credits brighten US' solar future
5 January 2009
The financial crisis may slow growth in the US solar sector, but investment incentives should ensure expansion continues