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Hopeful prospects for East African gas development
25 November 2013
Mozambique and Tanzania’s offshore is shaping up as a prolific – and easily developed – gas play
Tanzania's offshore gas plans slow amid protests
25 October 2013
Tanzania's offshore gas reserves are developing quickly. Plans to use the resource are not. Hopeful LNG exporters will have to be patient
East African oil and gas reserves show promise
25 October 2013
Drilling has shown East Africa to be rich in oil and gas. Now the region and its investors must do the hard part, and turn the reserves into production and income
Tanzania on the road to LNG exports with BG and Statoil
10 April 2013
The companies are to cooperate with an LNG export complex
East Africa’s big offshore gas prizes carry big challenges
3 October 2012
Vast gas discoveries off Mozambique and Tanzania are set to turn an energy-deficient region into one of the world’s largest sources of liquefied natural gas – but the challenges of commercialisation are as large as the prizes
Producers need to play the long game for the LNG race
25 September 2012
There are plenty of new developments on the table, but producers need to play a long game, says IEA senior gas analyst Anne-Sophie Corbeau
Soaring prospects for East Africa’s gas with new discoveries
21 June 2012
Two new gas discoveries off Tanzania and Mozambique should cement East Africa’s future as a world-scale exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Tanzania joins East Africa’s gas bonanza
6 March 2012
A substantial gas discovery by Statoil seems set to extend East Africa’s developing gas province from neighbouring Mozambique into the Tanzanian offshore
NuEnergy Capital takes Tanzania CBM position
24 November 2011
NuEnergy Capital has secured operating rights for coal-bed methane (CBM) development in Tanzania, as the fledgling energy firm seeks to beef up its CBM portfolio
Uganda's neighbours Kenya and Tanzania eye the oil club
24 February 2011
On the heels of Uganda's upstream success, Kenya and Tanzania are stepping up oil and gas exploration efforts
East Africa: Small finds, high hopes
30 September 2010
Exploration in east Africa is gathering pace as the region's first offshore oil and gas discoveries prompt a new wave of interest