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Shipping must start planning for zero CO2
10 September 2019
Industry warned it must begin developing technology now to comply with IMO 2050 zero carbon emissions target
Opec: kicking back against transparency?
10 May 2019
As new technologies trump its modest initiatives, Opec may see value in telling the market less, and less predictably
Tankers steered back from the brink
8 March 2019
A recent spike in rates has rescued tanker owners, but the reprieve could be short-lived
Shipping’s surge and splurge
7 March 2019
Spot rates should stay below 2018 peaks as more newbuilds come into service
Oil’s days as shipping fuel are numbered
7 March 2019
Forget the sulphur cap—shipping industry’s biggest disruption will come from carbon rules
Bringing VLCCs to port
26 February 2019
Transport costs for US crude exports should fall as facilities are built to handle the largest tankers
The tanker takeover wave
26 February 2019
Ownership consolidation within the tanker sector is creating stronger counterparties for oil shippers
Boom times for marine LNG
4 June 2018
Environmental regulation, economics and rapidly evolving technology are encouraging the use of liquefied natural gas as a marine fuel
Shipping sector braces for emissions storm
20 April 2018
Is the fuel oil market ready for tighter carbon and sulphur emissions rules on shipping?
Europe—ready to dock
6 October 2017
European passenger boats are looking to LNG for fuel
Tanker owners fight back on low charter rates
5 April 2013
Tanker owners have launched an initiative to improve charter rates, which they say have fallen to levels which are consistently below basic operating costs
Rush to build new LNG tankers could backfire
13 September 2011
The rush to build new liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers to cash in on high charter rates could backfire, with the market rebalancing by the time the vessels are delivered
Excelerate targets LNG import double
26 April 2011
LNG tanker technology player Excelerate Energy has joined the floating liquefied natural gas rush and expects to complete at least two more floating regasification import projects within the next year, chief executive Rob Bryngelson told Petroleum Economist
Spot LNG tanker rates high and rising
11 April 2011
Tight fleet pushes day rates up, with no let-up in sight
LNG tanker rates flat despite Japan earthquake
31 March 2011
Spot rates stable as market assesses demand; shipping capacity tight; long-term charters expected to rise
LNG prices firm as Asia eyes spot cargoes
24 February 2011
LNG prices firmed this week, with more Asian buying interest keeping prices steady for spot cargoes
Storm clouds persist for oil-tanker owners
27 January 2011
A collapse in day rates for the world's fleet of crude carriers will be exacerbated this year as a large number of new vessels hits the market
UN seeks action as piracy costs spiral for shipping companies
27 January 2011
With pirate attacks, and their associated costs for shipping companies, escalating, the UN wants to bring a more joined-up approach to what has been, so far, an ineffective international response
Speculative oil pipelines offer alternative to Strait of Hormuz choke point
1 February 2010
Concerns about the vulnerability of the passage of oil through the Strait of Hormuz ebb and flow depending on the international mood over Iran, writes Digby Lidstone
Forward, with China
1 May 2006
Billion-dollar investments by US and European companies have made Angola a high-volume oil producer, flowing crude through innovative structures installed in the country's deep waters. But now the authorities are favouring Chinese firms, Martin Quinlan writes
How shipping companies can insure revenue
1 June 2005
When shipowners consider insurance they usually have in mind tankers going aground, loss of cargo, pollution and reputation risk – think of Prestige, Exxon Valdez, Erika and Sea Empress. But the freight rates shipowners and charterers pay, or receive, have become less predictable and that has presented them with a new source of risk, writes Adam Sonin, head of shipping derivatives at ACM/GFI