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26 February 2020
Climate change and regulatory intervention are combining to create unprecedented opportunities across the energy sector
Suncor looks to rebound
19 February 2020
Canadian producer aims for recovery after tough period of enforced production restrictions
Alberta suffers loss on crude-by-rail contracts
14 February 2020
Canadian province reverses policy after financial burden begins to mount
New Canadian regulator faces immediate test
2 September 2019
A flurry of responses to a proposed change in pipeline capacity allocations has compelled the new authority straight into action
Alberta considers bowing to producers
13 August 2019
The Canadian province's new regime sees a way to pivot from a potentially costly repeal threat
Are reports of Canada's oil sands demise greatly exaggerated?
25 October 2018
Canada is looking to boost oil sands output by 2020, in spite of the major political and environmental challenges
Canadian rocky road to recovery
23 February 2018
Oil output is still ticking higher, but depressed prices and persistent pipeline problems are weighing on the industry
Canada's home-ice advantage
7 November 2017
Vast reserves are the oil sands' main advantage. Local producers think they can drive costs down where foreign entrants couldn't
Oil sands coping on the cusp of change
27 September 2017
Canada's big four producers are profitable at $50 oil, but the growth outlook is murky
Suncor doubles down with Canadian Oil Sands takeover
21 January 2016
The company’s $4.5bn deal for Canadian Oil Sands makes it the undisputed champion of the oil sands. It’s a big bet on a recovery in prices
Suncor rethinks strategy as unconventionals' rise changes supply mix
7 February 2013
North America's changing supply mix is prompting Canadian oil-sands producer Suncor Energy to rethink its strategy
Canada 'must target Asian markets' for oil-sands crude
14 November 2012
Canada must target Asian markets for its oil-sands crude to ensure its economic and sovereign security, former Suncor chief executive Rick George said at the Oil & Money conference in London
Suncor oil-sands expansions on hold
6 November 2012
The shift in North America’s oil supply is starting to catch up with Canada’s oil-sands sector
Changing of the guard for Suncor
5 December 2011
Veteran chief executive Rick George to step down next year
More output less impact for the oil sands
22 August 2011
Alberta’s oil-sands producers are looking to clean up their messy bedroom with tailings technologies.
Canadian big oil’s second-quarter profit surge
4 August 2011
50% higher second-quarter profits posted by integrated sector
Unconventional drilling fuels Canada’s services sector
4 August 2011
Precision Drilling is increasing spending on new rigs to C$841 million
Arab Spring looking ominous for Canada’s Suncor
16 June 2011
No return to Libya until Muammar Qadhafi is removed from power
Harper victory a boost for the oil sands
4 May 2011
Canada’s oil and gas industry breathes a sigh of relief as Harper is returned with a majority government
Suncor/Total mine gets OK
3 February 2011
Suncor reclaims some of the oil-sands debate
28 October 2010
The oil sands' tailing problem will be under control within a decade, says Rick George, Suncor's boss. He tells Derek Brower why the environmentalists have got Alberta wrong
Oil sands hit by more duck deaths
28 October 2010
More than 200 ducks have been euthanised after being trapped in toxic waste ponds at the Syncrude, Suncor and Shell Canada oil-sands plants in northern Alberta
Total moves again for UTS's Fort Hills oil-sands stake
29 July 2010
French major Total looks to have succeeded in its attempt to buy UTS Energy, 18 months after its first effort
State building
1 June 2007
A bumper year of mergers and acquisitions activity has been dominated by the actions of state-owned companies and by politics. Derek Brower reports