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Oil firms wary despite South Sudan's peace deal
1 August 2018
Juba is seeking new partners after the government abandoned Total negotiations
Expect the unexpected from Sudan and South Sudan
30 January 2017
Stability in South Sudan could raise production much higher than was agreed with Opec
Insecurity and conflict still hampering South Sudan’s oil
12 October 2016
The country wants to push production up to pre-war levels, but chances are slim
New books tell of Sudan and South Sudan's troubled relationship
29 May 2014
Two new books tell the sorry tale of South Sudan and Sudan, and the oil at the heart of their dysfunctional relationship. Review by Anthea Pitt
Oil remains source of conflict for the Sudans
8 July 2013
Oil could bind the two Sudans together. For now, it remains another source of conflict between them
Both Sudans pay high price for output shut-in
6 July 2012
In a bid to force Sudan's hand in talks over oil infrastructure access, in February South Sudan halted all its production. The shut-in is still in place and both countries are suffering as revenues dry up
Sudan’s oil war intensifies six months after independence
25 January 2012
South Sudan is again locked in conflict with its former rulers in Khartoum. This time, oil is the weapon of choice for both
Sudan on brink of new oil war as air force bombs refugee camp
10 November 2011
The Sudanese air force today flew a sortie across the international border with South Sudan, and bombed a refugee camp
Sudan’s oil sector impasse amid sanctions
22 August 2011
Nobody’s a winner as deadlock between north and south over oil-revenue sharing and pipeline access, and onerous sanctions leave Sudanese oil production in limbo, writes Anthea Pitt
Sudan counts on China for critical cash amid sanctions
18 August 2011
China remains Sudan's largest trade partner, but within a few weeks the US will decide whether to remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism
Continuity vital as two Sudans prepare to talk
21 July 2011
Pagan Amum will continue as South Sudan’s chief negotiator in talks with Omar al-Bashir’s government over oil-infrastructure access, despite resigning from a key post in the post-independence government
South Sudan: A new republic built on oil
18 July 2011
Oil was the elephant in the room on independence day. But it’s as crucial to South Sudan’s future as it was to its past
Sudan claims shale-gas wealth
7 April 2011
Up to 0.825 trillion cubic feet (cf) of shale gas reserves says Sudapet CEO
Sudan referendum expected to end in partition
27 January 2011
Announcement of the referendum result is expected in early February, and is almost certain to result in secession
Sudan: High stakes, high diplomacy for a country split
28 October 2010
AFRICA is due to welcome a new state in January, when South Sudan votes in a referendum for independence from the north – or, if the referendum is delayed, simply declares independence
Sudan: Divided inheritance for oil sector
2 June 2010
PRESIDENT Omar Bashir won a decisive victory in Sudan's April elections, with 68% of the vote. Salva Kiir retained his job as president of Sudan's semi-autonomous south, with 93% of the South Sudan vote
Redrawing the map
1 May 2005
Little-explored Southern Sudan has huge oil potential. But despite January's peace deal, which brought 21 years of civil war to an end, the ownership of resources remains a contested issue. Steve Hawkes visited the leaders of the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, in southern Sudan
Peace hopes lift Talisman
1 September 2002