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Repsol repositions for green hydrogen
15 July 2020
The Spanish refiner will build a €60mn pilot plant to make synthetic fuels as it strives to meet its 2050 decarbonisation pledge
European refiners lag on IMO 2020
29 March 2020
The continent’s crude processors are playing catch-up following the introduction of IMO 2020 regulations on sulphur content in marine fuel
Iberia waits on Europe's LNG sidelines
3 August 2018
Spain and Portugal want to become a gateway for Europe’s LNG imports, but cheaper pipeline gas is a formidable competitor
Electric vehicles roar up Britain's sales rankings
8 June 2018
EV sales are rising in the UK as political changes in Europe help fuel the transition away from fossil-fuel engines
Europe to benefit from US exports
22 March 2018
Rising US supplies, expanding European demand and much available regasification capacity should increase liquidity in the Atlantic Basin
LNG hubs—more global, more liquid
22 March 2018
Demand is keeping up with supply. But new flexibility and hubs are changing the trading environment
Repsol tuning up
10 October 2017
The Spanish major has tightened its belt, lifted its profitability and positioned itself to capitalise on an evolving market
Repsol signals $7bn asset sales and cost cuts
15 October 2015
The Spanish company plans to sell off assets by 2020 and cut capital expenditure by 40% in order to reduce debt
European unconventional gas prospects hurt
21 August 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
Europe’s rocky path to shale
9 January 2014
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant to allow fracking
Spain pushes ahead with fracking law
31 October 2013
The country has amended its oil-exploration law to include guidelines for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in a signal it will support shale-gas development
Delays for Spain's unconventional plans
10 July 2013
Spain's unconventional plans are delayed, while in the UK, Cuadrilla considers six new sites for fracking
Nationalisation need not be disruptive, say representatives
14 June 2012
Latin America's resource nationalisation need not be disruptive for private oil companies, a panel of international representatives concluded at Canada’s Global Petroleum Show in Calgary
Renewables’ rise alters gas energy equation
8 June 2012
The way in which gas is used is set to change fast, as the fuel develops into a natural partner for renewable energy, delegates at the World Gas Conference were told
Spain’s renewable energy conundrum
19 October 2011
Spain will continue to rely on coal to back up its huge renewable energy programme, although linking the country’s electricity grid to France will also help, the Spanish government said
Basque province open to shale developers
18 October 2011
Up to 180 billion cubic metres in 13 unconventional-gas deposits in Gran Enara
BNK boosts Spanish footprint
21 September 2011
Trofagas Hidrocarburos has been awarded a 234,000-acre concession in the Castile and Leon region
BNK lines up Spain’s first shale-gas well
14 April 2011
Shales in northern Spain look ‘very promising’
Algeria LNG supply secure despite strike
30 March 2011
Action at water plant shuts Skikda; Arzew ramps up to pick up slack
LNG holds steady as Japan stocks up
30 March 2011
Japanese demand 'met til May'; Tepco weighs spot deal based on UK gas prices; Supply worries on Algeria and Yemen plant outages
Medgaz ready to flow: Bad news for LNG
28 October 2010
The Medgaz gas pipeline, linking Algeria directly with Spain, was being commissioned last month – prompting forecasts of heightened competition in the European LNG market, Martin Quinlan writes
Solar-power subsidies spur growth
4 January 2010
The growth of the German and Spanish solar industries is tailing off, but other countries are taking up the slack, writes Ian Lewis
Spain: Third time lucky for Gas Natural
24 March 2009
GAS NATURAL should complete its acquisition of Unión Fenosa this month – its third attempt in five years to buy a power company. Analysts say the industrial logic of the deal is robust. Gas Natural's gas assets and Unión Fenosa's electricity assets are a natural fit; combining them should enable the gas supplier to lower its dependence on gas sales and to add value to its gas-supply operations through power generation.