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Chaebols may hinder Green New Deal progress
2 June 2020
South Korea’s conglomerates do not appear enthusiastic about curtailing carbon emissions, and their dominance crowds out more innovative contributors
M&A and NOCs to change LNG world
20 September 2019
Portfolio players and vertically integrated firms are transforming the way the industry operates
The LNG wave is on the way
28 January 2019
Liquefaction ramp-ups and a slowing rate of Chinese demand growth finally deliver the oft-anticipated supply glut
Fuels at sea
30 January 2018
Ships must pollute less. Their owners can't ignore the impending regulatory changes
Singapore poised for LNG hub
10 November 2017
The country is ready to play a leading role in meeting surging liquefied natural gas demand in the region's rapidly expanding market. In emailed responses, Singapore LNG Corporation's (SLNG) chief executive said his company is strategically placed to meet emerging market demand
Era of flexibility
29 September 2017
Buyers are taking control of an oversupplied market and they want shorter contracts and freedom to sell what they don't use
Asia to soak up global LNG glut
3 April 2017
Weak prices reflect a region awash in supplies. Rising demand will soak up the global surfeit, but not until the 2020s
Glimmers beyond the glut
27 March 2017
Global exports are heading for a hefty surplus. It will take a brave developer to sanction a sizeable new plant without lining up buyers first
The glut still weighs
25 January 2017
Higher oil prices will lift some LNG contracts, but do little to support the spot market
Asia's looming fuel oil supply crunch
21 September 2016
Higher demand and declining imports will tighten supplies
Big gloom, small promise
4 April 2016
New Asian LNG demand centres are emerging while the region’s big consumers need less of the fuel
Kepco pioneers new smart grid business model
5 December 2013
South Korea will raise electricity prices to fund $25 billion investment in smart grids that carefully monitor the supply and demand for electricity to eliminate waste
Kogas looks to sell assets to cut debt and go upstream
6 November 2013
As it plans to cut debt by selling off assets, NJ Watson looks at the South Korean gas firm's plans
LNG set to slake Asia’s energy thirst
21 October 2013
Demand for natural gas in the Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at 3.9% per year, hitting 1.46 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) by 2035, up from 566 million toe in 2010, driving demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in gas-short Asia
President Park calls for broader Asian energy cooperation
17 October 2013
South Korea’s president voices support for proposed gas trunkline from Russia
South Korea finds balance between security and emissions
15 October 2013
Juggling the need for energy security and adequate supply while cutting emissions is a tough task. Justin Jacobs looks at how South Korea deals with these competing demands
GS Caltex boss calls on South Korea to better manage demand
15 October 2013
The head of one of South Korea's main energy companies told WEC 2013 his country needs to shift energy policy from a supply focus to managing energy demand
World Energy Congress 2013 begins in Daegu
15 October 2013
As delegates arrive in Daegu, Damon Evans weighs up the issues topping the agenda at the World Energy Congress 2013
Reality bites Asian LNG buyers over US supply
2 October 2013
Asia are slowly waking up to the fact that new supplies from North America will not be cheap – and nor will they flood the market anytime soon
The future for Japan and South Korea’s NOCs
23 August 2013
Both countries, who are big importers in oil and LNG, push ahead
Totting up Asia’s large strategic petroleum reserves
4 December 2012
Asian countries are some of the world's largest importers, with Japan holding the largest stockpile in the region
Massive LNG supply deal for South Korea
17 August 2011
South Korea has agreed a large long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply deal with Shell and Total
Spot LNG prices dip as Japan secures supplies
20 April 2011
Japanese utilities top up their stocks as cheaper gas prompts switch from oil
KNOC buys into Texas shale play
4 April 2011
South Korean firm pays $1.5bn for oil-rich shale asset
Kogas funds CBM research
21 October 2010
Kogas signs aggreement with the University of Queensland
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