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Can Brulpadda find deliver on high hopes?
23 May 2019
Total has made what could be a major discovery in South Africa, but there is a long way to go before the commercial prospects become clear
South Africa's offshore sector finally makes some waves
11 February 2019
Total plans drilling campaign to establish scale of reserves
South Africa urgently seeking gas as energy transition stalls
18 October 2018
South Africa’s power sector plans envisage a big role for gas, but first the country needs to find the feedstock
Africa is back on the deep-water agenda
4 October 2018
Drillers are starting to renew interest in African projects deemed too costly and risky
South Africa imposes licensing restrictions
1 October 2018
Temporary restrictions on oil and gas licensing are causing confusion, but should help reform the licensing system in the long run
Renewables and gas take on king coal in Africa
18 June 2018
South Africa wants to go greener, but abandoning coal will be a tough task
Mozambique weighs up next steps for gas projects
4 April 2018
The country's state-run firm ENH is optimistic about gas' future
Ramaphosa reboots South Africa's renewables programme
14 March 2018
New renewable energy deals point to a fundamental shift in South Africa's energy investment priorities
Volatile world
23 January 2018
Trump ditched Paris, Paris got Macron, Isis lost Mosul
South Africa's offshore open for business
6 December 2017
Eager to emulate its neighbours' success, the country is striving to reinvigorate interest in its deepwater potential
South Africa eyes Rovuma gas
19 October 2017
President Jacob Zuma wants to kick-start the country's economy using Mozambique's offshore gas reserves. But do the numbers add up?
Key petroleum legislation delayed in South Africa
30 September 2015
Until the Mineral Petroleum Resource Development Act (MPRDA) is passed investments are uncertain
Go-ahead hopes for Namibia's Kudu gasfield
29 August 2014
Exactly 40 years after it was discovered, the Kudu gasfield is moving towards a development decision
North and South Africa hold shale gas potential
21 August 2014
The continent has lots of shale gas, but development will happen more quickly in the south than the north
South Africa inches towards shale exploration in the Karoo basin
5 December 2013
Large reserves in the Karoo basin are bringing upstream interest, but many barriers stand in the way of production
High hopes from majors for South Africa's deep offshore
2 October 2013
Total has joined the crowd of majors flocking to South African waters
Africa stays in the slow lane with transport infrastructure
27 February 2013
As the world’s poorest continent with the least developed transport infrastructure, it is no surprise that Africa trails the rest of the world in terms of fuel use
Global warming: Now for the hard part
17 January 2012
Global leaders agreed – yet again – that reaching a new climate deal is crucial to fight global warming. But will there be action to give substance to the talk?
Sasol shuns South Africa’s shales
7 December 2011
Environmentalists hail decision as a victory
Exploration boost for South African shale
17 November 2011
National Planning Commission (NPC) recommends shale-gas development
COP-17: New meeting, same old problem
25 October 2011
The goal of achieving a global CO2 emissions-reduction target remains a distant prospect as the world gathers in Durban
South Africa pushes ahead with fracing ban
27 April 2011
Karoo basin applications already under review to escape bar
Southern Africa looks to CBM
25 November 2010
Region’s CBM reserves could be “tens of trillions of cf”; South Africa steps up shale-gas hunt
Out of Africa
1 December 2008
"The barbarians have long since arrived at the gates of world oil, have achieved control of many commanding heights and should not now be expected to retreat." Derek Brower speaks to author Duncan Clarke
Markets: Supply dynamics on the move
1 October 2004
Spot coal prices in the Atlantic and Pacific markets have continued to rise this year, a pattern that began in 2003 and shows few signs of abating. Driven by infrastructure constraints in Australia and South Africa, and pressured by uncertainty surrounding China's future exports, supply dynamics are on the move again, writes Katherine Demopoulos