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Algeria’s upstream rebirth is interrupted
14 April 2020
A promised rejuvenation of the hydrocarbons sector and state oil company has been stopped in its tracks
Tentative reform moves could boost Sonatrach
13 January 2020
Algeria’s new government presents a conciliatory face, which could help revitalise the energy sector and the national champion
IOCs retain Algerian caution
12 November 2019
Sceptical Western investors adopt wait-and-see attitude even after Algeria’s interim government agreed a draft hydrocarbons law
Algeria talks tough on gas renegotiations
3 October 2019
Industry observers had predicted changes to the structure of long-term gas contracts. But Sonatrach and the government appear uncompromising
Sonatrach aims for more
17 September 2019
Algeria's state-owned oil and gas firm looks to new developments for a potential boost to LNG exports while meeting demand at home
Waiting for the dust to settle in Algeria
23 May 2019
Political turmoil is unsettling Algeria’s energy sector and its IOC investors
Interview: Sonatrach's CEO aims to 'shake trees'
24 August 2018
Head of Algerian firm aims to reorganise it from the ground up
Algeria: trying to do better
28 June 2018
Arezki Hocini, president of Algeria's upstream regulator, discusses the challenges facing the hydrocarbon sector and obstacles to reform
Pertamina's offshore oil chase
18 May 2018
After two years of belt-tightening, Indonesia's NOC is seeking to plug the country's energy consumption gap
Algeria's expansion strategy
12 April 2018
The country's energy sector has big ideas for the future—if the creaking political establishment will approve them
Algeria and Saudi's differing shale development
5 March 2018
Two of the most-watched countries in the expansion of unconventional gas adopt opposite approaches to tapping their substantial reserves
Troubled times for Algeria's Sonatrach oil firm
23 August 2013
Poor fiscal terms, scandals and political insecurity are undermining Algeria's upstream and the hopes of its state oil firm
Sonatrach adds to LNG capacity at Skikda plant
29 November 2012
Sonatrach plans to add 10 million tonnes a year (t/y) of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity at its Skikda plant next year
Asia spot LNG prices on the rise after earthquake
6 April 2011
Oil's surge adds fuel to market after extra tankers are sent to quake-hit Japan
Algeria LNG supply secure despite strike
30 March 2011
Action at water plant shuts Skikda; Arzew ramps up to pick up slack
Algeria touts massive unconventional gas resource
10 March 2011
Energy minister cites “25,000 trillion cf” of reserves; new licensing regime needed to realise potential
Algeria losing ground in gas
28 October 2010
During a decade in which world trade in gas expanded by 81%, Algeria's exports declined by 11%
Algeria: New Sonatrach chief faces old problems
2 June 2010
AFTER four rudderless months, Sonatrach has a new managing director – and with it, the prospect of faster progress on centrepiece energy projects that have been subject to a series of delays
Khelil: things will be different from now on
1 June 2007
Sonatrach has money, technology, reserves and markets, says Algerian energy minister Chakib Khelil. What, he asks, can private-sector oil companies do for Algiers? Interview by Tom Nicholls
All change
1 September 2005
The new hydrocarbons law gives foreign companies control over the exploitation of new acreage in the country. But will it be effective enough to keep Sonatrach at arm's length? Ayesha Daya reports