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Asia’s state heavyweights hold firm on upstream spending
3 April 2020
With international oil prices at nearly two-decade lows, Asia’s oil and gas developers have begun to review their capex budgets as they strive to weather the downturn
China targets Singapore bunkering
14 January 2020
Chinese tax reform will trigger a gradual shift in the bunker fuel market away from Asia’s dominant hub
Majors and US independents leave southeast Asian gap
12 April 2019
A rush to US shale has left opportunities for others in areas left behind
Slow rise for Asia's deep-water sector
4 October 2018
Deep-water exploration in the region is expected to see an uptick in investment in the coming decade
Strong uptake for spot LNG trading in Asia
21 August 2018
Singapore-based trading platform Global LNG Exchange has seen a significant ramp up in its membership base
Buying and selling on the up
29 June 2018
Increased spot and short-term LNG trading and sharp price moves have encouraged the global growth of derivatives trading and hub activity
FLNG takes centre stage
11 June 2018
Floating LNG is soon likely to provide virtually all new export capacity in West Africa
Hurdles face putative Asia-Pacific LNG hubs
14 March 2018
Singapore, Shanghai and Japan all wish to become trading hubs and price-reporting agencies are trying to establish benchmarks
Fuels at sea
30 January 2018
Ships must pollute less. Their owners can't ignore the impending regulatory changes
Singapore poised for LNG hub
10 November 2017
The country is ready to play a leading role in meeting surging liquefied natural gas demand in the region's rapidly expanding market. In emailed responses, Singapore LNG Corporation's (SLNG) chief executive said his company is strategically placed to meet emerging market demand
Port of Fujairah aiming high
27 October 2017
Logistical and political snags need skilful navigation to secure Fujairah's position as a world-leading energy and trading port
A greener Gulf
31 May 2017
Blessed with sunshine and wind as abundant as its oil and gas, the region is starting to plot a cleaner post-oil future
Singapore sees LNG price indices expanding
17 November 2015
Pushing the development of regional Asian LNG trade, Singapore is encouraging local price discovery
Coal grows in prominence in Southeast Asia
4 November 2015
As leaders gathered for Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), coal was at the forefront of discussions
International Energy Agency warns of low oil price danger
27 October 2015
Governments should not count on oil prices remaining low when deciding their energy policies the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned
Asean LNG demand to grow five-fold over next decade
30 September 2015
Demand for LNG in the resource-rich countries that make up the Asean region is set to explode
Independent storage under pressure as volumes fall
8 December 2014
Capacity expansions, coming at a time of trimmed volumes, have raised competition in the worldwide oil storage business
Greater Singapore could be world's largest oil storage hub
8 December 2014
Greater Singapore – Singapore together with new terminals in Malaysia and Indonesia – could increase capacity by a third
Asia’s energy demand set to rise by 37% by 2025
6 November 2014
The increase in demand will result in Asia’s energy imports increasing by 53%
New LNG storage to be built in Singapore this year
2 September 2014
The capacity of the storage will almost double in size thanks to construction starting later this year
Traders place bets on Singapore LNG hub
8 August 2014
Traders are starting to take advantage of Singapore’s newly built liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal as they bet spot prices will rally from their lowest in three years
Mixed results for global independent storage
18 December 2013
Business trends in independent oil storage have diverged geographically, with profits led by terminals serving the long-distance trade in refined products
Greater Singapore storage developments challenge Singapore
18 December 2013
New independent oil storage terminals due to start-up in 2014 and 2015 could threaten Singapore’s good times
LNG traders line up for Asian hub as Singapore takes the lead
2 October 2013
It might take at least a decade, but industry insiders believe Singapore is positioning itself to take the lead in the region's gas trade. But will the country be a physical trading location or a price-reference point?
Singapore aims to change dynamics of Asia's LNG trade
10 May 2013
The city state thinks its new trading hub will change the way gas is traded in Asia
2012 Independent Storage Survey: Singapore and the Malaysian challenge
11 December 2012
Some say the construction of oil storage terminals in Johor, Malaysia, will strengthen the “Greater Singapore hub” – but others say new capacity will spoil the fun
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