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Chevron signs Ukraine shale exploration deal
31 October 2013
The agreement will see the development of gas from the Olesko field in western Ukraine
Shale and other new energy sources bring opportunities
17 October 2013
New frontier energy sources, such as methane hydrates and oil shale, have the potential to transform the energy landscape, but technical innovation will be crucial to help unlock them
China’s shale drive stalls amid technical challenges
4 October 2013
Technical challenges and unattractive economics have forced China back to the drawing board to figure out how to develop the country’s shale-gas resources
Service sector constraints hinder global shale prospects
1 October 2013
The growth of unconventional gas and oil production will be hindered by an undeveloped service industry, industry leaders told the annual Oil & Money conference in London
India to allow onshore shale exploration
26 September 2013
The country's state-run energy companies have been given the go-ahead from the government to develop shale gas and oil
UK government calls for caution around shale gas development
12 September 2013
Ed Davey tells the country that shale gas is no silver bullet, but unconventional fuel will be key to Britain's energy security
Threats to Saudi Aramco are overstated
23 August 2013
The threats to the world’s biggest and most important oil company are overstated
Shale debate needs more light and less heat, says WEC chair
6 August 2013
Hwan-eik Cho, chairman of the World Energy Congress 2013, argues that the debate about shale gas is in danger of being derailed by the often emotional rhetoric surrounding the unconventional fuel
US gas imports tumble as shale booms
24 July 2013
Imports fall to the lowest level in more than 20 years as companies line up to export the country's shale bounty
Will Chevron deal breathe new life into Argentina's Vaca Muerta?
22 July 2013
State-owned oil company YPF has sealed a deal with the US supermajor Chevron to develop a section of the highly touted Vaca Muerta shale play
British MP dances on France’s shale grave
17 July 2013
Britain hoping to attract shale investment as other governments in Europe resist development, Justin Jacobs writes
US gas powers on
5 July 2013
The US shale sector is continuing to shift from shale-gas drilling to the more economical shale-oil drilling
US shale shifting towards oil drilling over gas
4 July 2013
The US shale sector is continuing to shift toward the more economical shale-oil drilling
British Geological Survey study boosts UK gas hopes
27 June 2013
A long-awaited report from the British Geological Survey points to vast unconventional gas resources, writes Justin Jacobs
Centrica puts momentum behind UK shale
13 June 2013
The UK utility company has bought a 25% stake in Cuadrilla Resources’s shale gas acreage in northern England
Global shale gas resource estimates soar by 10%
11 June 2013
The US Energy Information Administration has increased its estimates for global shale gas resources by 10%
UK shale gas might be ready for take-off this year
6 June 2013
This year may very well see the unconventionals sector begin to deliver on its rich promise
IGas boosts UK unconventional shale gas stash
4 June 2013
The country has 170 trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas in northern England
UK shale gas could be a new North Sea
22 May 2013
Lobbyists have stepped up the campaign on both sides as a new report says the production of shale gas could help boost the UK's energy industry and economy
Shale takes a backseat in Brazil despite resources
20 May 2013
Despite the country having significant deposits of unconventional gas, there are no plans to tap into it
UK tells shale players to step up and apply for licences
16 May 2013
The UK government has urged prospective shale-gas developers to come forward and apply for drilling licences
Shale-gas LNG offers price evolution, not revolution
13 May 2013
Supplies from the US and East Africa will have less of an impact on Asian import costs than thought
How to deal with political risk in the US gas sector
1 May 2013
The country’s gas boom has lured foreign investors into the sector, but risks remain, writes David Evans, a partner at law firm Clifford Chance
Russia won't develop shale gas for a decade
19 April 2013
Conventional gas is much cheaper to produce, meaning the country will not explore its unconventional reserves for some time
UK needs a rational debate about shale-gas development
2 April 2013
The UK is coming round the idea of shale-gas development. But what we need now is for the media to steer a calm, rational debate about the fuel's benefits and drawbacks