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Russia hopes for a shale boom from the Bazhenov
30 May 2014
The Siberian shale play could be one of the world’s largest, but it won’t give up its riches easily
IGas buys Dart Energy to create UK’s biggest shale player
9 May 2014
The deal is expected to close in September, creating the largest shale gas exploration company in the UK
Poland shale gas reform fuelled by E&P needs
30 April 2014
The country hopes to tempt operators back to its upstream industry to encourage exploration
Signs of life in Vaca Muerta
10 February 2014
An end to the battle between Repsol and Argentina should spur development in one of the world's biggest shale oil plays
Tight oil bonanza
6 February 2014
US oil production will rise by another 1 million barrels a day in 2014, defying sceptics and suggesting the tight oil surge still has momentum
North Africa packs Silurian heat
28 January 2014
The region has plenty of unconventional oil to exploit. Politics is the only real obstacle
Politics thwarting Europe's unconventional oil
24 January 2014
The continent has indigenous reserves to exploit. But it also has a lot of opposition to overcome
US shale gas still thriving
14 January 2014
More efficient drilling has kept the industry afloat despite cheap gas prices. But rapid demand growth and cheap financing remain key
Total enters UK shale scene
13 January 2014
Mena slowly comes around to shale
9 January 2014
The region is rich in unconventional gas, but it will not be developed quickly
Bringing Vaca Muerta to life
9 January 2014
Argentina’s shale-gas trove could be one of the most prolific in the world. It has yet to live up to its promise
Michael Fallon is optimistic about the UK shale industry
11 December 2013
Michael Fallon is bullish about the prospects for Britain's shale-gas sector. And, as he tells Conal Urquhart, while there's a lot of work to be done, the rewards will make the effort worthwhile
Turkey hopes shale gas will plug its energy deficit
5 December 2013
Promising shale deposits could help lessen the country's dependence on gas imports
European governments hesitant to allow fracking
5 December 2013
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant about shale gas development
Firms find solutions to fracking technique problems
5 December 2013
Fracking companies are trying to solve the sector’s liquid problem
South Africa inches towards shale exploration in the Karoo basin
5 December 2013
Large reserves in the Karoo basin are bringing upstream interest, but many barriers stand in the way of production
Russia focused on conventional gas projects
5 December 2013
With the world’s largest reserves of conventional gas, the country can afford to leave shale gas in the ground
Investors shy away from Poland’s disappointing shale
5 December 2013
Why has Poland’s unconventional gas sector failed to live up to the promise?
Australia could become a major shale gas producer
5 December 2013
The country has all the ingredients as initial exploration looks promising
The slow rise of global unconventional shale gas
5 December 2013
The world has 7,300 trillion cf of shale to exploit. Development has been slow outside North America, but momentum is building
Services firms poised to pounce as shale gas grows
5 December 2013
The shale boom might be restricted to North America in the short term, but investment could change that
Sinopec doubles shale production target for 2015
2 December 2013
China’s Sinopec has more than doubled it shale-gas production target for 2015 following exploration success at the Fuling Block in Chongqing
Opec pins hopes on China's cars and shale's failure
12 November 2013
The producers' group has released its latest oil outlook. And, as Derek Brower reports, the cartel has based some of its predictions on the unknown