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US LNG powers ahead
9 December 2014
US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports are likely to weather the oscillating oil price environment much better than other competing exporters
China’s shale hunters look beyond Sinopec's Fuling gasfield
29 October 2014
China's state-owned oil companies are starting to ramp up their shale drilling efforts as they look to replicate Sinopec’s success at the Fuling gasfield, but high costs and technological problems continue to hamper investment in the sector
Planning process hindering UK shale growth
19 September 2014
The UK’s complex procedure governing planning permission for shale-gas exploration is stalling the sector’s development, industry leaders warned
Big shale: the rise and rise of American gas
15 September 2014
Despite patchy opposition to hydraulic fracturing, US output will remain the bedrock of global unconventional supply for decades
Leading the shale gas charge in Australia
15 September 2014
Development of the country’s shales will follow the path blazed by the coal-bed methane sector – with lots of M&A, plenty of risk, and big rewards
Shale gas firms take the long view
15 September 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
UK shale gas gets nearer
9 September 2014
Promising reserves numbers and juicy terms have lured developers. But prospectors must overcome anumber of hurdles before exploration begins in earnest
Divided on shale
8 September 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
Mexico opens up shale patch
4 September 2014
Reforms to the investment regime should lure developers. Obstacles remain, from land rights to water and the north’s drug cartels
Vaca Muerta beginning to buzz
4 September 2014
Argentina’s YPF is leading the development of one of the world’s biggest shale plays. The majors are building their positions, too
Middle East: Saudis lead the charge
27 August 2014
The kingdom should emerge as the region's first major shale gas producer. But not quickly
In position for global shale boom
26 August 2014
From China to Europe and Argentina, international services firms will be at the centre of new unconventional output
Australia offering great shale gas investment opportunities
21 August 2014
Development of the country’s shales will follow the path blazed by the coal-bed methane sector – with lots of M&A, plenty of risk, and big rewards
Tricky politics for UK shale
18 August 2014
The UK government is making shale gas development a national energy priority
Canada’s Duvernay shale hots up
25 July 2014
Now that the land grab in Alberta Canada’s Duvernay shale is largely over and companies have started developing their positions, the future of the play is coming into sharper focus, and for many that future looks promising.
UK gas dependency to soar without shale
11 July 2014
Imports will have to supply over 90% of the UK’s gas by 2035 if the country fails to invest in domestic reserves, such as shale, says a new report
Germany proposes partial fracking ban
10 July 2014
Recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine have prompted a number of European countries to pledge to cut their reliance on Russian gas supplies by developing domestic resources
Upstream companies facing budget and time pressures
5 July 2014
The biggest difficulty facing upstream companies is not finding reserves – it is bringing fields on stream on time and on budget, argue Antoine Rostand, Tamás Seregi and Arnold Volkenborn, from Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC)
Wales calls for help with shale gas development
16 June 2014
A report has highlighted significant potential in the region
BGS boosts UK’s shale oil stash
4 June 2014
The UK’s Weald basin could hold almost 9 billion barrels of shale oil, according to British Geological Survey (BGS) data, which, if proved up, has the potential to triple the country’s crude reserves