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Legislate to unlock shale potential
4 November 2010
Lawmakers must give gas producers fair and open market access if the US is to advance a supply revolution that has transformed its energy outlook, says the boss of one of the country’s largest developers
Canadian shale-gas sees government support
4 November 2010
Canadian government reduces royalties and brings in new regulations
TNK-BP signs Ukraine shale-gas MOU
4 November 2010
TNK-BP has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore for shale gas in Ukraine, the first unconventional gas deal in the country
Triangle secures Bakken funding
28 October 2010
Triangle Petroleum has entered a joint venture with Oppenheimer Global Resource (OGR) to develop shale oil in North Dakota’s portion of the Bakken shale play
Anshultz makes billions from unconventional sale
28 October 2010
Anschutz Energy has sold shale-oil and gas reserves in the northeast US and in North Dakota for an estimated $2bn-3bn, but has not disclosed who the buyer was
European shale gas faces environmental battle
21 October 2010
Environmental concerns over shale-gas development could stop development in Europe, says the European Commission
Japan into US shale oil
21 October 2010
Itochu buys share in Fidelity's Wyoming shale-oil
Pittsburgh shale drilling ban demand
21 October 2010
Council meets environmental/legal experts for Marcellus Shale
BNK Petroleum: European shale-gas 'will happen'
14 October 2010
BNK PETROLEUM aims to begin producing shale gas in Europe early next year
Piceance basin: World's largest oil-shale resource
30 September 2010
The US' oil-shale resources are potentially vast, but tapping them could be a problem
Talon buys into southern African unconventional gas
2 September 2010
Talon Energy is buying a 30% share in Tlou Energy's unconventional-gas acreage in Botswana
Nick Grealy, shale-gas missionary
1 September 2010
Shale gas has transformed the US energy industry. It is the golden ticket, says Nick Grealy
India's BPRL bids for Australian shale-gas acreage
26 August 2010
India's Bharat PetroResources (BPRL) has made a bid for shale-gas acreage in Western Australia
Rising Bakken oil production drives pipeline investment
25 August 2010
Enbridge plans to deliver $0.5bn of pipeline projects to deliver rising oil production from the unconventional Bakken and Three Forks formations
Bakken comes of age
17 August 2010
Thanks to new techniques and an injection of capital, oil output from the Bakken Shale is on the rise
Why China is buying into North American shale
4 August 2010
North America's shale-gas companies have two things China wants: expertise and LNG
In the vanguard of the shale-gas revolution: EnCana and its vision
4 August 2010
Natural gas can solve North America's energy supply dilemma, says EnCana boss Randy Eresman
Talisman Energy turns to the shale
4 August 2010
Talisman Energy is reshuffling its portfolio, seeking growth from North America's shale-gas resources.
LNG's unexpected, unconventional shift
4 May 2010
In the space of three years, the LNG sector has witnessed dramatic changes, not least the recession and the rise of unconventional gas, writes John Meagher*
The US: A deep, liquid LNG market
4 May 2010
With its capacity to absorb the short-term oversupply forecast for the global LNG market, the US is the logical destination for excess supplies, writes Nikos Tsafos*
Asia assesses its shale-gas potential
4 May 2010
Asia's growing economies hope domestic shale-gas resources can solve their energy security concerns, writes Ian Lewis
LNG's future is not unconventional
4 May 2010
Unconventional gas will play a limited role in LNG's future
We've lagged behind the US and now we need to catch up, says Capp
6 April 2010
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says changes to Alberta's oil and gas royalty system are needed to encourage investment
In the vanguard of the shale-gas revolution: EnCana and its vision
1 March 2010
Natural gas can solve North America's energy supply dilemma. EnCana boss Randy Eresman talks to Derek Brower
US gas' unconventional future
26 January 2010
Studies suggest the US has significantly larger recoverable natural gas reserves than previously estimated. The future for the industry looks bright, write Rick Smead and Gordon Pickering
The gas industry's need for technology
2 November 2009
A long-term commitment to investment in upstream technology is essential if rising gas demand is to be met. By Andrew Gould, chairman and chief executive officer, Schlumberger