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EIA rates Canadian shales
14 April 2011
388 trillion cf of technically recoverable reserves
Numbers add up for Canada GTL plan
12 April 2011
Momentum builds behind shale to GTL project
State environment chief gets hands-on
7 April 2011
Pennsylvania official gains personal authority over complaints against Marcellus operators
EIA tots up ‘vast’ shale resources
7 April 2011
Shale gas adds 40% to global reserves, but cache could expand
UK shale industry under fire
7 April 2011
MP Tim Yeo criticises lack of regulation and environmental scrutiny
Estonia takes its oil-shale expertise to US
4 April 2011
Firm secures Utah acreage through take-over of OSEC
KNOC and Anadarko take wing in Eagle Ford
4 April 2011
$1.55bn joint venture announced
KNOC buys into Texas shale play
4 April 2011
South Korean firm pays $1.5bn for oil-rich shale asset
Don’t believe the European shale-gas hype
4 April 2011
Wintershall urges caution on unconventional gas
Haynesville now US’ top producing shale play
4 April 2011
Barnett edged into second place
Devon ponders Horn River venture
4 April 2011
Discussions have been held with potential partners
The US’ future is unconventional, says BP
27 March 2011
Unconventional gas will account for 57% of US production by 2030; CBM and shale to account for almost half Chinese output growth
‘Strong breeze’ whips up US shale-oil production
10 March 2011
Shales delivering 25% of US oil output growth; new plays emerging every week
More Asian shale-gas JVs to come, says Pioneer boss
10 March 2011
Japanese and South Korean firms may be among new investors
Europe: as much unconventional gas as US – IHS Cera
10 March 2011
Europe must adapt conventional exploration and production rules
Western Australia to subsidise costly shale-gas development
3 March 2011
Government halves royalties to 5%; unconventional gas resources greater than conventional
Injection wells and earthquakes
3 March 2011
Fayetteville Shale areas hit by tremors; scientific studies as yet inconclusive
Quebec shale-gas drilling in March
3 March 2011
Development will go ahead on release of regulatory framework later this month
Europe, India and China hold 280 trillion cf of unconventional gas
3 March 2011
Unconventional could meet 20% of demand
Proppant makers ramp up to meet demand
24 February 2011
Exports to new shale plays put pressure on US production
Wet shale proves both a blessing and curse
24 February 2011
Producers weigh up costs of reaping liquids reward
Poland to know shale-gas feasibility by 2012-13
24 February 2011
Results awaited from 30-40 pilot wells
Shale gas to bring global ‘LNG demand destruction’
10 February 2011
Chinese unconventional-gas will structurally alter LNG market; good news for EU gas markets
France worries about shale drilling
10 February 2011
Environmental impact assessment demanded by minister
New Brunswick eyes shale-gas development
3 February 2011
Apache and Southwestern Energy already drilling; access to US northeast provides market, but opposition to fracing is mounting
Shale continues to drive 2011 M&A activity – PWC
3 February 2011
49 shale deals over $50m in Q4 2010; total shale M&A spending hits $26.9bn