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Huge boost for Marcellus Shale reserves
24 August 2011
The US Geological Survey estimates about 84 trillion cubic feet (cf) of natural gas and 3.4 billion barrels of natural gas liquids lies undiscovered in the Marcellus
Polish shale-gas production in five years
23 August 2011
Large scale production set to begin earlier than initially proposed by the government
Shale gas no game-changer for Europe
17 August 2011
The disruptive impact of unconventional gas on North American gas-market dynamics will not be replicated in Europe
SEC probes shale-gas reserves reporting
11 August 2011
Companies subpoenaed for production data on disclosed reserves
Shale-gas M&A market over-inflated
11 August 2011
Low natural gas prices in North America suggest bubble
Beach thinks big in Cooper shale-gas basin
10 August 2011
Resources booked equal to more than 330 million barrels of oil equivalent
NGLs drive Duvernay and Utica spending
4 August 2011
Talisman and Chesapeake tout two new liquids-rich shale plays in Canada and the US
Baker Hughes gets fracking in Argentina
28 July 2011
Baker Hughes has finished hydraulic fracturing (fracking) its first shale oil well in Argentina’s Neuquén basin for Repsol YPF.
BHP predicts shale-gas consolidation
21 July 2011
Maturing industry means acquistions are “logical progression”, says CEO
BHP agrees $12.1 bn for US shale gas firm Petrohawk
15 July 2011
BHP Billiton has agreed to buy US shale-gas producer Petrohawk Energy for $12.1 billion, with the Anglo-Australian mining group taking a second big step into the unconventional energy sector
Trican goes for growth in Australian unconventionals
13 July 2011
Firm takes 100% stake in Viking Energy, a privately held firm based in Brisbane
UK tremors amplify unfair perception of fracking
6 July 2011
Cuadrilla Resources is in the media spotlight because of concerns that fracking operations in the UK caused earthquakes. CEO Mark Miller says this isn’t the case
Public backing vital for EU shale gas
6 July 2011
The future of shale gas E&P in Europe is in the industry’s own hands: it must accept and involve the public as a legitimate partner
Environmental regulation crucial to shale gas in EU
1 July 2011
Recognising and complying with existing EU environmental law will be crucial for shale-gas development in Europe, says William Wilson*
Industry hits out at ‘misleading’ shale-gas articles
1 July 2011
First Chesapeake and now America’s Natural Gas Alliance have labelled a series of New York Times (NYT) articles on shale gas “inaccurate and misleading”
Shale-gas boom to prompt Polish tax rethink
24 June 2011
Poland may revise its favourable upstream tax regime when shale-gas production takes off
AltaGas approval for Montney NGLs plant
23 June 2011
Regulatory approval is received to process natural gas liquids from unconventional shale plays in western Canada
Tight-gas deal between Encana and PetroChina collapses
21 June 2011
Joint venture worth C$5.4 billion ($5.5 billion) to develop Encana’s Cutbank Ridge tight-gas assets in British Columbia (BC) and Alberta falls apart
Argentina’s gas-price conundrum
20 June 2011
‘Unattractively low’ prices deter unconventional-gas development, as imports and subsidies rise
Chemicals players set sights on Marcellus
15 June 2011
With the petrochemicals business in an up cycle and gas prices low, oil majors and chemicals firms are looking to boost US ethylene capacity
ExxonMobil shells out for Marcellus duo
9 June 2011
The supermajor paid $1.69 billion for the companies both based in Pennsylvania
Hurdles for European shale gas as great as the potential
6 June 2011
Questions remain over whether Europe can effect a similar transformation to US
French shale ban threat met with Gallic shrug
2 June 2011
Operators play down fears as Senate vote looms
Data hurdle for Polish shale-gas dream
2 June 2011
The Polish Geological Institute says much more geological shale basin research is needed
UK basin holds 'multi-trillion cf shale gas stash'
1 June 2011
The resource could be huge, but Cuadrilla halts drill after tremor