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The rise of a renewables major
30 July 2019
Mainstream Renewable Power CEO Andy Kinsella says the declining cost of wind and solar power means the era of oil and gas is coming to an end
Faroe Islands enlists help in exploration drive
5 July 2019
Interest in the Faroese offshore may be buoyed by exploration success in adjacent West of Shetland waters
Treasures in the basement?
8 April 2019
Untested geological formations known as ‘fractured basements’ could be hiding a vast store of hydrocarbons, but explorers need to overcome logistical challenges and industry scepticism
Offshore wind firms up the ante in Europe
8 March 2018
No longer a niche sector restricted to north-west Europe, offshore wind is likely to play a significant role in meeting the world's clean energy needs
The UK is officially leaving the EU. What now for energy?
5 April 2017
UK prime minister Theresa May has hailed the dawn of a "Global Britain", but Brexit's critics say it will cripple the economy, kill access to its main market, spark ruinous inflation and shred the country's global influence.
Ineos buys into second Scottish shale licence
16 October 2014
The licence is in Scotland's Midland Valley, but the company has yet to start drilling
Scotland's no vote ushers in UK Continental Shelf overhaul
23 September 2014
The referendum may have kept Scotland in the UK, however there are many issues still to be resolved
Uncertainties face the UK if Scotland says yes to independence
17 September 2014
Mayer Brown looks at some of the possible implications of Scottish independence on the energy sector
Scotland unlikely to match England's unconventional reserves
3 July 2014
The British Geological Survey concluded that the region could hold around 80.3 trillion cubic feet of shale gas
Higher energy bills for an independent Scotland
12 April 2014
A UK government report says independence for Scotland - on which the Scottish will vote in September - will raise gas and electricity bills for Scottish households and industry
High hopes for an independent Scotland's oil wealth
25 March 2013
The Scottish are due to vote in 18 months on whether to leave the UK - taking with them the majority of the UK's oil and gas production
UK gas-price hike good news for shale
15 June 2011
Scottish Power plans to raise domestic UK gas and electricity prices by 19% and 10%
Dart targets Scottish unconventional play
3 March 2011
Commercial gas production expected within a year
Confidence in Iberdrola
1 May 2009
There's nothing Quixotic about Iberdrola's assault on wind power, writes Tom Nicholls
Scottish Power bets on US wind farms
1 July 2005
Despite enabling it to return £2.5bn of cash to shareholders, Scottish Power's US adventure looked like it had come to a sticky end with the company's exit from its under-performing PacifiCorp unit and the £1bn write-off that followed. But its decision to hang on to PPM Energy, a rapidly growing US wind business, suggests it has merely changed tack, writes Robert Lea