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Saudi Aramco's light in the desert
8 June 2016
A partial sale of the state-owned firm is just part of the plan for a world-beating company that also wants to find more gas, refine more oil and produce even more crude
More and more Saudi oil
3 June 2016
Saudi Arabia has the capacity and resources to significantly increase production, should it want to
Chopping up Saudi Aramco
3 June 2016
Selling part of the state-owned firm will be just the start of a broad divestment project that turns the firm into a huge holding company
Saudi Aramco
16 May 2016
Financial results for Saudi Aramco
The kingdom's new oil chief
11 May 2016
Khalid al-Falih is now the man who will oversee the sweeping strategic changes underway in Saudi oil and energy policy
An oil-free Saudi Arabia?
27 April 2016
Deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has caused a stir by saying he wants Saudi Arabia to end its “addiction” to oil. Can the Kingdom really do this?
How much would 5% of Saudi Aramco be worth?
27 April 2016
Saudi Arabia may sell a stake in its crown jewel, but raise much less money than its deputy crown prince thinks
Liquid, not solid
25 February 2016
Short of a full-on political decision to cut supply, the Middle East’s output will rise again this year
Opec commits to 30m barrels a day target
18 June 2015
The latest target rollover means more crude is on the way
Aramco takes charge of Saudi oil policy
18 May 2015
Ali Naimi’s oil ministry will no longer be the driver of the kingdoms’ energy strategy, which will reflect broader geopolitical goals. Even the policy of maintaining spare capacity may be up for grabs
Al-Falih calls fossil fuels the crown jewels of global energy
15 October 2013
Aramco chief’s calls for greater energy efficiency echoed by GE’s Bolze
We need new thinking for new realities, says Saudi Aramco boss
15 October 2013
Saudi Aramco’s chief executive Khalid Al-Falih tells WEC Congress News that the energy industry must work together to find solutions to the challenges that lie ahead
Threats to Saudi Aramco are overstated
23 August 2013
The threats to the world’s biggest and most important oil company are overstated
National oil companies on top of the world
23 August 2013
Their domination of global reserves has put NOCs in control of the oil industry. But they must do more to keep their advantage
Saudi Aramco aims to be the top integrated energy company
2 November 2012
Saudi Arabia earlier this year reclaimed its position as the world’s top oil producer from Russia. Not content with this, state producer Saudi Aramco is pushing to become the world’s largest vertically integrated energy company
Aramco ramps up hunt for Saudi unconventionals
26 September 2012
Saudi Aramco is looking to delineate unconventional tight-oil and shale-gas resources using expertise gleaned from the US
Quadrise fuel shipping refinery electricity
30 August 2012
Steps towards commercialisation for new fuel
Aramco’s unconventional push intensifies
15 December 2011
Plans mooted for a stake in fracking equipment firm Frac Tech Holdings
Saudi Arabia's downstream development accelerates
28 January 2011
Saudi Aramco will make final investment decisions (FID) on $45bn-50bn of refining and petrochemicals projects this year, as the kingdom pushes downstream development in an effort to squeeze more value from its crude
The Saudi way
30 September 2010
By ring-fencing its oil sector from royal influence, Saudi Arabia has minted a successful template for resource-rich NOCs, writes James Gavin
Ethical oil and Opec
30 September 2010
Power in global oil markets doesn't rest in Ottawa or Calgary, but in Riyadh and Vienna – the headquarters of Opec
Don't discriminate against oil and gas – Saudi Aramco
30 September 2010
Saudi Aramco has called for "complete and rational assessment" of alternative energy sources as it outlines plans for boosting its own oil and gas reserves
Saudi Arabian power-sector expansion burns up crude
29 July 2010
SAUDI Arabia is consuming increasing amounts of crude oil in the power sector, burdening the country with an inefficient method of electricity generation
Aramco, Total sign Jubail refinery financing
15 July 2010
The Jubail export refinery has attracted the Middle East's biggest-ever project financing, reflecting the robust appetite among international banks for Saudi Arabian energy projects, Miles Lang reports
Saudi Aramco wrestles its domestic energy-consumption problem
2 June 2010
Oil prices are where Saudi Arabia wants them. But rising demand in the kingdom could bring longer-term problems, writes Derek Brower
Saudi Arabia targets Asian oil buyers
4 May 2010
SAUDI Aramco has cut term prices for its crudes to Asian buyers to protect its share of the Asian market. Aramco is determined to remain competitive with other big sellers, such as Brazil and Venezuela, as they target the world's fastest-growing consumption centre