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IEA pricks oil’s bubble by releasing strategic stocks
23 June 2011
The IEA’s release of crude from strategic stocks is less about Libya than about the global economy – and it should send oil prices tumbling
Weak US economic data hammers crude, while gas remains flat and weak
23 June 2011
There are fresh concerns about the US economy as crude prices drop quickly
Opec row sees angry Saudi Arabia shouldering output rise
8 June 2011
Naimi dubs Opec meeting "one of worst ever"
Testing time ahead for Opec
2 June 2011
Market woes and procedural headaches ahead as cartel meets in Vienna
Libya on the brink as protests sweep across Mena
24 February 2011
Anti-government protests are sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, bringing uncertainty for oil and gas investors and markets
The Saudi way
30 September 2010
By ring-fencing its oil sector from royal influence, Saudi Arabia has minted a successful template for resource-rich NOCs, writes James Gavin
Saudi Arabia's succession issues
30 September 2010
The insulation of Saudi Arabia's energy sector from royal politics stands in contrast to other areas of economic life
Opec hits middle age
30 September 2010
At 50, Opec has mellowed. But remains a formidable geopolitical force, writes Tom Nicholls
Saudi Aramco wrestles its domestic energy-consumption problem
2 June 2010
Oil prices are where Saudi Arabia wants them. But rising demand in the kingdom could bring longer-term problems, writes Derek Brower
Saudi Arabia ponders shale-gas opportunity
1 June 2010
Shale gas could help meet rising Saudi power demand; low subsidised prices an obstacle to development
E&P spending to remain constrained in 2010
1 December 2009
Upstream oil and gas capital expenditure (capex) will be flat in 2010 and won't start to grow again until 2011, says Wood Mackenzie
Oil prices steady as market recovery continues
26 May 2009
CRUDE oil futures in London and New York are continuing to trade around the $60 a barrel threshold, with traders expecting Opec to keep existing output quotas in place when it meets in Vienna on Thursday.
Saudi Arabia gets tough on prices
1 February 2009
With both Opec and the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasting a steep fall in oil demand in 2009, Saudi Arabia is cajoling its fellow Opec producers to stick to their quotas. The kingdom has threatened to make large unilateral cuts in output if others fail to live up to their word
The capital spending conundrum
5 January 2009
Oil companies are cutting back their capex plans, but they need to be ready to respond to any upturn in demand
On a roll
1 June 2005
The kingdom's portfolio of new production projects will enhance the perception that it retains the capacity to almost single-handedly increase the flow of oil to world markets. James Gavin reports on the long-term aims of Saudi oil strategy
Downstream drive
1 June 2005
Saudi Arabia has catapulted itself into the global petrochemicals big league, rolling out waves of new production capacity derived from its ethane-based feedstock advantage. James Gavin reports
Downward price pressure is unrelenting
14 May 2005
Irrespective of what happens in the Gulf, the fundamentals underlying the low oil price have not changed
Opec expanding horizons
1 May 2005
With refining margins looking robust, some of Opec's biggest hitters are piling in with ambitious grassroots refinery plans and plant upgrades. But, asks James Gavin, is it enough to cool overheated oil markets?
Saudis drive regional production growth
1 February 2005
Saudi Aramco entered the new year with plans to kick-start a number of expansion programmes. With other Middle East producers also looking to boost crude production, James Gavin reports on prospects for near-term increases in Opec output capacity
Another record-breaking run
1 September 2004
Records for crude futures prices were broken day after day in mid-August, with the Nymex front month contract breaching $47/b and IPE Brent topping $44/b
Saudi Arabia
1 September 2004