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Non-Opec surge boosts global oil output
20 October 2014
Figures by the International Energy Agency revealed that total global output for crude was 2.8m b/d higher in September than last year
Demand growth weak and production on the rise
25 September 2014
Geopolitics has lost its impact on the market and the fundamentals are bearish
Saudi Arabia: the Middle East's first major shale gas producer?
21 August 2014
The kingdom is pushing forward with unconventional gas should emerge as the Middle East's first major shale gas producer. But not quickly
Opec oil output falls to five-month lows
17 April 2014
Global crude production fell by a hefty 1.2 million barrels a day (b/d) in March, to 91.75m b/d, as Opec oil output hit five-month lows.
Middle East will set the pace for renewable energy growth
20 March 2014
If you're looking to Europe and the US to set the pace for the growth in renewable energy solar generation you're looking in the wrong place. Try the Middle East instead. Chris Nelder explains why
Global output falls on dip in non-Opec output
21 January 2014
The drop was due to a 335,000 b/d fall in non-Opec liquids production, to 55.99m b/d
Mena slowly comes around to shale
9 January 2014
The region is rich in unconventional gas, but it will not be developed quickly
Algeria and Saudi Arabia lead the Mena shale race
5 December 2013
The region is rich in unconventional gas, but it will not be developed quickly
Global oil output stalls on Libyan losses
17 September 2013
Global oil production fell by 775,000 barrels a day (b/d) in August, to 91.6 million b/d, as soaring Saudi Arabian output failed to completely offset Libyan losses
Sectarian Gulf book discusses long-term problems for region
16 September 2013
Gulf autocrats weathered the Arab uprisings. But in spreading sectarianism to do so they created longer-term problems for the oil world’s most important region, Toby Matthiesen argues in his new book
Threats to Saudi Aramco are overstated
23 August 2013
The threats to the world’s biggest and most important oil company are overstated
Reforms still needed in the Gulf
8 July 2013
Strong oil prices have buoyed the economies of the GCC. But reforms are still needed
Opec's rollover: market tweaking in the hands of Saudi Arabia
3 June 2013
Opec maintained its target ceiling, and the market barely reacted
Replay of 1986 price collapse looms warns Chatham House
3 June 2013
Chatham House warns that the price of oil is heading for a crash similar to the one in the mid-1980s, when world oil prices fell by over 50%
Opec calm, but problems await as oil prices remain high
30 May 2013
Tomorrow's meeting looks set to be quiet, but that doesn't mean all is well for the cartel
Middle East wedded to the wheel
26 February 2013
Cars still rule the Middle East’s roads. But change can – and must – come
Saudi Aramco aims to be the top integrated energy company
2 November 2012
Saudi Arabia earlier this year reclaimed its position as the world’s top oil producer from Russia. Not content with this, state producer Saudi Aramco is pushing to become the world’s largest vertically integrated energy company
New book on Saudi Arabia important for the oil industry
30 October 2012
Karen Elliott House’s unsettling new book on Saudi Arabia is an essential guide to the mounting problems facing the country
Saudi Arabia remains the supply-side optimist
30 October 2012
New upstream developments and a transition away from crude-dependent power generation are essential if the kingdom is to maintain its oil-export strategy
Saudi Arabia's efforts to balance the market are working
6 July 2012
The kingdom’s efforts to balance the market are working. It may herald a new era of oil abundance
Softening oil prices will force adjustments in the Middle East
27 June 2012
With a lower oil-price outlook, project economics will need careful consideration. Securing project finance may also become more difficult. And government spending will, no doubt, need to be curbed. James Gavin reports from Bahrain
New book describes oil's paradox of plenty
4 April 2012
The oil curse is spreading to new petroleum producers. Derek Brower reviews a new book which explains why oil's grip remains so powerful and what can be done about it
Saudi Arabia’s juggling act between demands
25 January 2012
The kingdom is poised to play a key role in shaping this year’s oil market, but it must maintain a delicate balance between global and domestic demands
Iran shrugs off new oil-sanctions threat
6 December 2011
New doubts have surfaced in Europe and US over plans to further target Iran’s oil industry. Saudi Arabia holds the key to any ban proposal
Crude prices firm on US stock draw and Iran worries
24 November 2011
This week's oil-market report
Prices rise as oil market ignores IEA intervention
15 July 2011
Prices rose despite Saudi Arabia increasing output and the IEA releasing strategic oil reserves