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Trump's Iran move and oil
13 October 2017
The market should not ignore the geopolitical risks if the nuclear deal now unravels
Iran deals: The devil's in the details
26 September 2017
Firms contemplating business in the country must still cross a minefield of complex US regulations
Will Iran's opening be slower than expected?
14 January 2016
Sanctions are about to be lifted but Iran is finding it difficult to convince foreign oil companies to invest in its ambitious oil and gas programme
Iran touts new contracts and talks up output plans
8 October 2015
Iran will add at least 500,000 barrels/day to production “within a few months” of sanctions being lifted
Russian oil hit by sanctions and low prices
17 August 2015
Oil in Russia is being squeezed at both ends
Tough times set to persist for Russia's oil sector borrowers
17 April 2015
Western sanctions are harming the industry causing foreign investments to slump
Chinese doubts over growing Russian oil trade
27 March 2015
Western sanctions have contributed to the fall in confidence in Russian oil
Iran’s oil hopes may hinge on Vienna outcome
23 October 2014
The fate of Iran and the sanctions against its oil sector is a wildcard facing Opec as it tries to balance the market. Meetings in the Austrian capital this month should make the picture clearer
Sanctions on Russian energy open the door for China
10 October 2014
Western sanctions have tipped the balance of Russia's energy relations with China in Beijing's favour, an advantage that the Chinese side is pressing to win trade deals on its terms and gain direct access to some of Russia's largest oil and gasfields.
Russia and Iran sign 5 year deal for oil cooperation
21 August 2014
The proposed crude deal between Russia and Iran will complicate their relations with the West, argues Anthony Woolich, a partner at law firm Holman Fenwick Willan
Novatek growth threatened by sanctions
6 June 2014
The company is experiencing growing pains as it seeks to challenge Gazprom
More Western sanctions target Russia over Ukraine
30 May 2014
Sanctions targeting key members of Putin’s inner circle are having an effect – but not necessarily the one intended
Progress is slow but countries consider a return to Iran
28 January 2014
Iran is complying with the interim nuclear deal struck in Geneva in November, some light sanctions relief is under way and oil companies are already getting hot under the collar as they plot a return to the country’s upstream
Possible Iranian nuclear deal with US on the horizon
4 October 2013
Problems still stand in the way, but the mood has shifted
New Iran president looks for quick gains despite sanctions
8 July 2013
Hassan Rohani is gearing up to choose a new government, with the focus on bringing in capable hands that are comfortable dealing with IOCs
New opportunity for US and Iranian relationship
4 July 2013
Hassan Rohani's election as Iranian president gives both his country and the US a fresh chance to reset their relationship
Reports suggest sanctions on Iran aren't working
2 April 2013
Two assessments of the West's strategy to stop Tehran's nuclear programme suggest the outlook is grim
Tightening the sanctions noose on Iran
30 October 2012
As the US and EU continue to impose additional restrictions on commerce with the Islamic Republic of Iran, companies need to increase their vigilance
Taking on Tehran and the development of nuclear weapons
29 March 2012
Are sanctions really the way the way to stop Iran?
Iran sanctions threat gives oil price support
15 December 2011
Proposals from the EU and US to impose new sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports are sustaining oil prices, despite growing worries about demand and the health of the world economy
UK may join France in call for Iran oil export ban
24 November 2011
Crude import sanctions would hit southern European countries hardest
Syria: Drilling for oil while Hama burns
19 August 2011
Maintaining the status quo in Syria’s oil industry is not an option while the Assad regime uses this critical resource to suppress protest
Europe’s refiners brace for loss of Syrian crude
19 August 2011
US sanctions against Syria – specifically targeting the oil sector – may have serious implications for European refiners, although crude prices are, in the short-term, unlikely to be affected
Chavez cosies up to China amid US sanctions
7 July 2011
US sanctions on Venezuela, for supplying fuel to Iran, will have little practical impact as the country forges closer ties with rapidly developing Asian markets
Syria: Oil sanctions on the horizon
7 July 2011
Syrian opposition efforts to cut a big funding lifeline to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime may be about to yield fruit
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