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After nationalisation, Repsol recovers while YPF struggles
12 November 2012
A little more than six months after the Argentine government nationalised a majority stake in YPF from Spain’s Repsol, it is clear the companies are headed in different directions: Repsol is on the road to recovery while YPF is struggling to follow through on its ambitious strategy
YPF courts Chevron for shale development
30 August 2012
YPF has started talks with Chevron as it continues its search for foreign partners to help it develop the multi-billion barrel Vaca Muerta shale
Repsol benefits from Cartagena start-up as capacity doubles
2 August 2012
A bold investment in a once barely-economic refinery has given Repsol its ‘refinery of the future’
Why resource nationalism makes sense for Kirchner and YPF
24 May 2012
Though there are mixed opinions on the nationalisation, there is some sense in the decision
Upstream will be key to Repsol's plot for post-YPF future
24 May 2012
Risks lie ahead for Repsol's post-YPF future, but it is set to emerge strong
Independents stay the course after YPF nationalisation
3 May 2012
Independents operating in Argentina have adopted the mantra “keep calm and carry on” in the wake of the government’s nationalisation of Repsol’s stake in YPF last month
YPF faces fresh Argentina assault
5 April 2012
Renationalisation rumours cloud news of fresh Vaca Muerta find
Shell makes move on Argentina
21 December 2011
But Fitch warns on regulation
Repsol sows seeds for organic growth
15 December 2011
From small things, good things grow, says Antonio Brufau. Repsol’s chief discusses the strengths of not-so-big oil
Repsol sows seeds for organic growth
15 December 2011
From small things, good things grow, says Antonio Brufau. Repsol’s chief talks to Anthea Pitt, about the strengths of not-so-big oil
Repsol hopeful of new Argentine shale find
14 December 2011
Subsidiary YPF makes potentially similar discovery north of the Vaca Muerta
Repsol’s huge shale oil haul in Argentina
8 November 2011
Huge unconventional oil and gas resources and a welcome review of energy subsidies could herald a surge of much needed exploration investment in Argentina
Repsol at war with itself amid shareholder disputes
13 September 2011
Shareholder wrangling and a dip in profits and production mark a difficult year for Spain’s Repsol
Baker Hughes gets fracking in Argentina
28 July 2011
Baker Hughes has finished hydraulic fracturing (fracking) its first shale oil well in Argentina’s Neuquén basin for Repsol YPF.
YPF unveils Neuquen shale-oil bonanza
12 May 2011
Patagonian probes tap millions of barrels
Unconventional gas to transform Argentina’s supply picture
9 December 2010
4.5 trillion cf of tight gas found in Argentina; Shale reserves could supply Argentina for 50 years
Apache targets Argentina shale gas
11 November 2010
The US’ Apache plans to drill its first shale-gas well in Argentina by the end of the year, prompting hopes the country, hit in recent years by energy shortages, could uncover a “huge” new domestic source of supply
Repsol placates shareholders with $7.1bn Sinopec deal in Brazil
28 October 2010
REPSOL's decision to sell 40% of its Santos basin oil assets to Sinopec is an attempt to ease tensions with Sacyr, its largest shareholder, as it plots heavy spending to develop pre-salt prospects
Repsol eyes African pre-salt acreage
30 September 2010
Spain's Repsol is hoping to export the pre-salt imaging technology it has honed in Brazil to similar plays in west Africa, preferably by acquiring stakes in new acreage in the region
Peruvian oil production set to double
1 July 2010
Rapid growth in oil and gas production and a competitive fiscal regime should make Peru's forthcoming licensing round a success, says Perupetro. Miles Lang reports
Kaleidoscope: Super seismic
2 June 2010
Seismic interpretation has long been the biggest non-military consumer of computing power. Repsol's Kaleidoscope project ups the ante
Unconventional gas fuelling the future
6 October 2009
The huge potential of uncoventional gas will reshape the global gas industry
Made in Brazil
1 October 2009
Pre-salt legislation puts Petrobras centre stage
23 September 2009
President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has put four laws before Congress that will give Petrobras control over the country's coveted pre-salt acreage and significantly reduce the private-sector's role
China's upstream ambition
13 July 2009
Some national oil companies (NOCs) might have lost influence since last year's oil price collapse. Not China's
Persian LNG group considers pipelines instead
12 June 2009
Iran's Persian LNG (liquefied natural gas) consortium may opt for piped gas exports instead of an LNG development, according to project partner Repsol
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