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Qatar's LNG ambitions expand anew
6 December 2019
A recent North Field find will feed yet more LNG capacity while efforts to secure future markets are intensifying
QP advances in LNG and oil
30 September 2019
Further North Field expansion tenders are out, as Qatar sends strong signals to potential partners that it can go alone
Qatar carries on regardless
29 April 2019
Nearly two years after Saudi Arabia and the UAE imposed an economic and political boycott on Qatar, the Gulf state is pressing on with LNG expansion plans
Qatar hands McDermott role in LNG expansion
2 April 2019
Qatar Petroleum's new mega-trains project is gaining momentum
Qatar’s Opec exit a sign of rising intra-Gulf tensions
5 December 2018
The Gulf state’s departure will not damage Opec’s operations, but will cement intra-Gulf divisions
Pricing up and down
29 June 2018
A trend towards increased spot sales and more flexible contracts is keeping the global LNG industry on its toes
Qatar's LNG resurgence
25 May 2018
The country is expanding its liquefied natural gas export capacity
No plain sailing for Australian LNG
28 March 2018
The country will shortly become the world's largest exporter
Qatari flexy time
4 April 2016
Qatar’s LNG marketing strategy has shifted. It is now cutting deals to keep its market share
Transport's energy of the future
4 April 2016
Cheap oil is stalling LNG’s growth in transport. But the opportunity remains great
Qatargas fires LNG warning at Europe
10 May 2011
The majority of Qatargas's liquefied natural gas (LNG) currently going to Europe could be diverted to other destinations - if the price is right, the world's largest producer said on Monday
Qatargas LNG pumps up Japan volumes after nuclear shutdowns
18 April 2011
Extra LNG set to offset nuclear shutdowns
Qatar: Change at the top for Qatargas, as LNG capacity continues to grow
1 July 2010
THE QATARI government has replaced Faisal al-Suwaidi with Khalid bin Khalifa al-Thani as head of Qatargas
Change at the top for Qatargas, as LNG capacity continues to grow
24 June 2010
Faisal al-Suwaidi's exit from Qatargas is unlikely to prove a significant setback for Qatar's LNG industry
Islamic finance makes headway in the energy sector
2 June 2010
Sharia-compliant financing structures are becoming increasingly prominent in oil and gas transactions, explains James Gavin
Qatar: Glitch hits LNG exports
1 February 2009
Mechanical glitch causes shutdown for Qatargas
Book LNG now or risk shortages later, says Shell
1 July 2008
With Asian and European buyers prepared to pay high prices for LNG under long-term contracts, building a receiving terminal is no guarantee of receiving supplies in the future, says Linda Cook, Shell's executive director for gas and power
A postcard from Ras Laffan
1 April 2008
With Qatargas nearing completion of its first 7.8m t/y LNG mega-train and another five under construction, Alex Forbes visited Ras Laffan Industrial City to see how construction is progressing
As LNG supply tightens, uncertainty mounts
1 October 2007
Forecasts for the growth of LNG – ranging from a bullish 7% a year to a stratospheric 10% – look increasingly unrealistic in a supply-constrained world, writes Alex Forbes
A sellers' market
1 November 2006
LNG is a classic sellers' market, with supply constrained and demand expanding fast. It looks set to stay that way, writes Martin Quinlan