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Qatar pins its LNG hopes on the East
27 January 2011
While the gas glut spread across the world last year, Qatar was adding over 23m t/y of new LNG-export capacity. Now it must find new buyers for its gas
The way out of the global gas glut
14 December 2010
Efforts to resist the world's gas-supply overhang are futile. Exporters should embrace the glut and reap the long-term rewards of cheap gas, writes Derek Brower
A worrying time for LNG investors
28 October 2010
Many uncertainties hang over the LNG industry in the short to medium term, but the long-term outlook remains bullish, writes Alex Forbes
Mideast Gulf marine and offshore services market prospers
1 March 2010
Investment in shipyard capacity and technology is paying off, with the Gulf region undertaking increasingly sophisticated work in both the marine and services sectors
The global glut of LNG
1 February 2010
The global glut of LNG
26 January 2010
The LNG business has changed drastically in the past two years, from fears of a production shortfall, to a supply glut
GTL investment hits the buffers
1 October 2009
Oryx is close to capacity and Shell's Pearl is on track to start up in early 2011, but new GTL investment decisions are unlikely until costs decline further, writes Alex Forbes
Mideast states look for new gas sources as Qatar clams up
1 February 2009
The gas-starved countries of the Mideast Gulf are looking to Iran to satisfy their import needs with several new pipeline schemes. But their prospects are uncertain
Qatar: Glitch hits LNG exports
1 February 2009
Mechanical glitch causes shutdown for Qatargas
Sellers' market here to stay
1 November 2008
An LNG supply crunch looks inevitable around 2011/13, but what about the years beyond, asks Alex Forbes?
The Exxon way
1 February 2008
There are three ways of doing business with ExxonMobil: "The Exxon way, the Exxon way and the Exxon way. In that order." Tom Nicholls writes
Reality check
1 July 2007
After the heady optimism of 2006, the first half of this year has been a reality check for the nascent GTL industry, writes Alex Forbes
The struggle to market
1 May 2007
Iran has significant proved gas reserves and a long-held desire to become an influential exporter to world markets. But it will struggle to realise these ambitions, writes Alex Forbes
Dawn of a global market
1 March 2007
Scramble for LNG is hotting up- and will only get hotter
Surge in interest a long time coming
1 January 2007
In the near future GTL will br Good-To-Go
US facing price pressure
1 November 2006
A perfect match
1 July 2006
Dolphin leaps into action
1 July 2005
The $3.5bn Dolphin gas pipeline project between Qatar and the UAE has reached some important milestones. James Gavin reports on the progress of one of the Middle East's grand projects
Qatar stays top draw for banks
1 June 2005
To those who have shall be given, goes the saying. In Qatar's case, this appears to be particularly apt. The gas-rich Mideast Gulf state has dominated the energy-finance scene in the past few years, with a fistful of gas-export projects securing large volumes of financing from an array of international banks, writes James Gavin.
Looking for the next market
1 June 2005
Qatar took the prize for attracting the greatest volume of finance from banks last year. But financiers have other areas in their sights, reports James Gavin
Nigeria prepares to join Qatar as world GTL leader
1 May 2005
Enthusiasm for GTL is spreading. Qatar may be out in front, but ChevronTexaco and Syntroleum are making progress with projects in the Niger Delta that will help reduce gas-flaring and supply liquid products that fall outside Nigeria's Opec quota. Tom Nicholls reports
Majors pile in as Doha keeps its foot on the LNG pedal
1 April 2005
A raft of new LNG deals is set to maintain Qatar's gas-expansion momentum. As the majors look to Qatar to shore up their reserve bases, Qatar Petroleum is now the partner of choice. James Gavin reports from Doha