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Doha will deliver
9 February 2017
Qatar will have no trouble keeping its part of the deal
The puzzling Glencore-Qatari-Rosneft deal
19 January 2017
The sale of a stake in Russia's largest oil producer might not be as significant as many thought
Floating fuel opportunities for LNG
10 October 2016
LNG's brightest potential, for now, is on the seas
Back to black in Qatar
3 June 2016
Having achieved its LNG output targets and focused on the downstream, Qatar is turning its attention to upstream oil again
Five things to bear in mind about the Doha freeze talks
6 April 2016
Qatar will host another oil-producer meeting on 17 April. But its success is in the balance
Qatari flexy time
4 April 2016
Qatar’s LNG marketing strategy has shifted. It is now cutting deals to keep its market share
Liquid, not solid
25 February 2016
Short of a full-on political decision to cut supply, the Middle East’s output will rise again this year
QIA bullish on Shell-BG proposal
24 June 2015
Qatar's state investment vehicle QIA has hedged its bets with the Shell-BG proposed takeover
The Gulf is an indispensable oil region
26 February 2015
For the world’s essential energy-producing region, weak oil prices are an opportunity
New power solutions needed in the Gulf after power cuts
26 February 2015
The region has managed – just – to keep on top of rapidly rising demand for electricity. But new solutions will be needed soon, says Robin Mills
Malaysia primed to rival Qatar in LNG market shake-up
5 September 2014
The country could overtake the world's largest producer - Qatar, by 2020
LNG’s giant Qatar braces for international competition
17 April 2014
Qatar is looking to strike export deals with new customers and extend existing contracts, as it adjusts to the influx of new supply to the global market from rival exporters
Pakistan eyes cut-price Qatari LNG to avoid crisis
13 February 2014
Gulf supplies look set to help satisfy the country's rising domestic gas demand
Qatar sees changing energy policy and leadership
23 August 2013
A new emir and shifting global gas fundamentals mean things are likely to be different at the mighty QP
Mena faces up to carbon emissions challenge
15 May 2013
Promoting economic development and meeting climate-change commitments is a tricky balancing act, particularly for the Middle East and North Africa's hydrocarbon-fuelled states. Justin Dargin looks at the challenges - and the possible solutions
Mena exporters face harsh new realities from global competition
1 May 2013
As global competition is set to ramp up the region considers its options
Middle East wedded to the wheel
26 February 2013
Cars still rule the Middle East’s roads. But change can – and must – come
Strait of Hormuz: the world's LNG choke point
5 January 2012
How, if at all, asks Kwok W Wan, would shutting the Strait of Hormuz affect European gas and Asian LNG prices?
World Petroleum Congress optimistic about oil price
5 December 2011
The oil industry doesn’t expect a sharp drop in crude prices any time soon. The mood at the World Petroleum Congress is buoyant. Doha, the Qatari capital playing host this week, is putting on a good show
Qatar's RasGas plans extra LNG maintenance
3 October 2011
Qatar’s RasGas is planning further maintenance at its liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facilities in March and October next year, but traders do not expect a huge market reaction because of the timing of the shut-downs
Qatar LNG outage rattles UK gas market
31 August 2011
UK gas prices jumped over 10% this week after the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer, Qatargas, said it would shut its facilities for rolling maintenance over the coming months
Australia battles Qatar for LNG supremacy
1 July 2011
Despite obstacles and delays, Australia’s LNG industry is entering a golden age and by 2020 could usurp Qatar as the world’s biggest supplier, writes Damon Evans
Qatargas LNG pumps up Japan volumes after nuclear shutdowns
18 April 2011
Extra LNG set to offset nuclear shutdowns
Qatar takes on Gazprom gas markets in Europe
15 April 2011
Qatar is encroaching on Russia’s gas markets in Europe, but Gazprom remains unfazed
Libyan rebel oil-export prospects limited
13 April 2011
A shipment of oil has made it out of war-torn Libya, but it may be last for some time to come
Shell's Pearl promises a new dawn for GTL
24 February 2011
Market fundamentals have never looked better for GTL and if Shell's Pearl plant works as expected, it will be a huge breakthrough for the industry