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Eastern European coal-to-gas switching enthusiasm builds
7 July 2020
Poland and the Czech Republic, long the continent’s coal champions, are having a rethink
Europe's two-horse shale race
5 March 2018
Legal and environmental challenges are tying the hands of governments keen to exploit unconventional gas
Evergreen gas problem
6 March 2017
After years of decline, the continent's demand is rising again, creating a new battlefield for exporters
The slippery slope
2 December 2016
Europe's upstream struggled in 2016, leaving the continent more dependent on imports
What happened to Polish shale?
17 November 2016
Poor drilling results, weak gas prices and an expected supply onslaught have damaged Poland's unconventional hopes. Imports will rise
Is Nord Stream 2 really needed?
28 September 2016
Rising liquefied natural gas supplies to Europe and better gas interconnection raise more doubts about the project
Shale gas firms take the long view
15 September 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Divided on shale
8 September 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
European unconventional gas prospects hurt
21 August 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
Poland shale gas reform fuelled by E&P needs
30 April 2014
The country hopes to tempt operators back to its upstream industry to encourage exploration
Is the UK the best shale bet in Europe?
20 January 2014
With exploration stalled in mainland Europe, the UK government's unconventionals push has opened a new frontier for investors and E&P companies alike.
Investors shy away from Poland’s disappointing shale
5 December 2013
Why has Poland’s unconventional gas sector failed to live up to the promise?
Talisman pulls out of Poland
9 May 2013
Canada's Talisman Energy plans to sell its remaining shale-gas acreage in Poland to the UK's San Leon Energy
Europe’s shale strategy ‘puts cart before the horse’
6 December 2012
Europe must improve its infrastructure and develop a clear fiscal and regulatory framework for shale gas or the nascent industry will not succeed, the head of Breitling Oil and Gas, a US-based exploration company, said
Shale a boon to Polish energy security, not prices
28 November 2012
Shale-gas development in Poland could boost the country’s energy security, but it will have little effect on the country’s natural gas prices this decade, Fitch Ratings has said
MEPs reject European fracking ban, call for tighter regulations
22 November 2012
European lawmakers remain bitterly divided over shale oil and gas development, but they have rejected calls to impose an EU-wide moratorium on exploration
Tax move 'will paralyse' Polish shale development
31 October 2012
Thinktank speaks out over planned fiscal framework
Poland’s new tax regime seeks to boost shale prospects
18 October 2012
Revisions to Poland’s tax regime that set up a new fiscal framework for natural gas and oil development could boost the country’s shale-gas sector
Polish state may join shale-gas hunt
12 July 2012
The Polish government supports new legislation that would see state-run companies take a stake in every shale-gas licence in the country, stepping up the state’s role in the country’s unconventional gas hunt
CEE shale gas development 'inevitable'
7 June 2012
Shale-gas development has been slowed across much of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by protests from a wary public, but the lure of increased energy independence for the region makes a push for the development of those resources “inevitable”, KPMG has said in a new report
More setbacks for European shale
10 May 2012
Shale-gas exploration is facing further setbacks across Europe after governments in the Czech Republic and Romania moved to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and reports emerged of opposition to the technique mounting within the German government
Poland's shale is down, but not out amid challenges
10 April 2012
The sheen on Poland’s shale gas sector has tarnished somewhat after a series of challenging wells and a major reserves reduction, but it is far too early to write the industry off
Independents braced to fight Polish shale backlash
29 March 2012
Months of negative headlines out of Poland’s shale patch have turned investor sentiment against companies exploring the country’s prospects
Poland readying shale-gas tax overhaul
23 February 2012
The Polish government expects to adopt a shale-gas tax framework this year in time to be implemented ahead of expected first commercial production in 2015, government officials said
ExxonMobil voices caution on European shale
22 February 2012
ExxonMobil has sounded a note of caution on the scale of Europe’s shale-gas potential and the pace of development, but said some production is possible within five years
Russia gas cuts shine spotlight on European shale debate
7 February 2012
Gazprom reduces gas supply, highlighting opportunity for shale-gas energy security
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