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Oil and Covid-19 part one: The route back
5 March 2020
While the potential for a global pandemic that cripples the world economy and the oil price remains, thoughts are beginning to turn to what happens post-coronavirus
Chinese refiners to flood the market
23 August 2019
Chinese exports from its refinery overcapacity to increase Asian market disruption
China looks west to solve energy riddle
22 August 2019
Xinjiang has potentially huge untapped reserves, but exploration in the desert province presents complex geological and political challenges
Chinese shale struggles to get moving
30 April 2019
The Asian giant is having difficulties emulating the US shale gas revolution, but is determined to keep developing its own resources
Aramco ploughs ahead
26 June 2018
The jewel in the kingdom's crown is concentrating on downstream joint ventures, as it awaits the IPO go-ahead
BP ploughs lonely shale gas furrow in China
2 May 2018
China is inviting foreign operators to develop its vast deposits
Majors come calling for Brazil's pre-salt
16 January 2018
Shell and Petrobras were the big winners in Brazil's latest upstream bid round, along with backers of Brazil's oil reforms
Brazil's pre-salt promise
2 November 2017
Brazil's offshore is making big strides on costs—crucial in the post-shale landscape
Refining's big expansion
5 October 2017
Teapots are vying with the state giants in China, while India and the Middle East are ramping up
Downstream to the rescue for China
5 October 2017
China's NOCs have had a few difficult years. But restructuring and a modest oil-price recovery are helping
Cautious optimism over China's shale-gas plans
1 June 2015
The country’s huge reserves are not living up to their promise
China reforms could mean opportunity for private capital
26 March 2015
President Xi Jinping has revealed a new mixed ownership model for the state sector
Canada’s Duvernay shale hots up
25 July 2014
Now that the land grab in Alberta Canada’s Duvernay shale is largely over and companies have started developing their positions, the future of the play is coming into sharper focus, and for many that future looks promising.
PetroChina ramps up shale targets to 2.6 billion cm
23 April 2014
The Chinese government has set ambitious targets for the oil companies
PetroChina shale caution tempers Beijing's ambitions
31 March 2014
The state-run company is reluctant to stray from conventional and tight gas projects
China's oil companies tightening their belts
21 February 2014
The growth-at-all-costs approach has hindered the country's financial performance
Asia-Pacific's tricky problem
14 February 2014
The region has vast potential, but can explorers realise it?
Discoveries point to progress in China’s gas search
13 February 2014
PetroChina and Sinopec have reported a pair of major natural gas discoveries within days of each other in a sign that Beijing’s efforts to boost domestic production are paying off
Scandal-hit PetroChina continues overseas dealmaking
2 December 2013
Despite a suspected corruption scandal, PetroChina is continuing business
Oil industry snared in China’s corruption crackdown
2 September 2013
Officials from CNPC and PetroChina are under investigation for serious discipline violations
China's oil companies see profits and output rise on price reforms
29 August 2013
China's economy might have wobbled during the first half of the year, but the country's big three national oil companies have thrived, seeing their profits and output rise on the back of domestic fuel price reforms, as well as a series of acquisitions abroad
China raises gas prices amid hopes for Russia supply deal
9 July 2013
Reforms set to boost state-run PetroChina's finances and could help the country seal a gas supply deal with Gazprom
PetroChina posts sharp fall in financial results
5 April 2013
Hit by rising import costs and increased government pricing control, Petrochina has posted a sharp fall in results
PetroChina backs Australian LNG in deals with ConocoPhillips
27 February 2013
The deal will see PetroChina take a 20% stake in the Poseidon gas discovery off Australia
PetroChina pays premium for Browse 10% stake
13 December 2012
The company has agreed to pay $1.63 billion for BHP Billiton's 10% share in the LNG venture
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