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Anti-austerity protests hit Petrobras
18 November 2015
Brazil's oil sector is in the grip of the worst strike in decades, threatening plans to reform the sector and ease the dreaded local content law - as well as hitting output
Brazil’s 13th licensing round flops after 14% of blocks sold
15 October 2015
Brazilian oil industry suffered the worst result in a decade, with only 37 of 266 blocks awarded
Petrobras debt rating downgraded to junk status
30 September 2015
Brazil’s national oil company saw its debt rating cut to junk status 10 September by Standard & Poors
Petrobras forced to scale back spending by 41%
9 July 2015
The state oil company faces a difficult future and has been forced to rein in its ambitions, shelving field plans and cutting output forecasts
Petrobras took a $16.9bn write down on losses for 2014
6 May 2015
The long-drawn out corruption scandal at Petrobras has cost it and Brazil dearly
Beldine faces challenges at crisis struck Petrobras
12 February 2015
New chief executive, Aldemir Beldine, faces long to-do list at the corruption ridden Brazilian company
Corruption threatens Petrobras' expansion plans
25 November 2014
An unfolding corruption scandal surrounding Brazil's Petrobras has shown up the dark side of Brazil's oil boom and is now threatening to derail the national oil company's ambitious expansion plans
Turnaround as Brazil's Petrobras sees a rise in production
17 October 2014
The state oil company has seen more projects develop to increase the country's oil output
Brazil's gas prospects fade as import dependence continues
22 July 2014
Facing an increasingly costly import dependence its time the country re-thinks its strategy
Petrobras pre-salt discovery prompts cash flow fears
25 June 2014
Investors sold off shares after cost worries, making the task of producing more difficult for Petrobras
Signs of life in Vaca Muerta
10 February 2014
An end to the battle between Repsol and Argentina should spur development in one of the world's biggest shale oil plays
Optimism despite Petrobras' production decline
5 February 2014
Brazil's state-controlled flagship has, of late, been long on promise but short on return. However, its long-term outlook is increasingly bright
Latin American shale gas remains in early stages
5 December 2013
The continent’s large unconventional reserves have yet to yield any significant production
CNPC buys Petrobras' Peru business in $2.6 bn deal
14 November 2013
The deal will help the Brazilian state-owned company ease financial pressure
Age of the independents for Latin America's energy sector
12 November 2013
Brazilian firm OGX's collapse into bankruptcy highlights the risks smaller companies face in Latin America's energy sector. But, as Justin Jacobs finds out, independent players can thrive in the region
Brazil's Libra pre-salt oilfield to be developed
28 October 2013
The country's prolific pre-salt fairway enters a new era as western majors team up with Petrobras and two of China's state-owned players to tap Libra's bounty
Petrobras target of US National Security Agency spying
9 September 2013
The US National Security Agency spied on Brazil's state oil company, as well as a number of other high-profile corporate targets
Petrobras hopes for strong output growth
23 August 2013
Having over-promised and under-delivered in recent years, Brazil's state firm thinks its pre-salt is at last primed for strong output growth
Petrobras' production showing signs of a turnaround
30 April 2013
The company's production has been on a steady decline, but that is likely to change in the next year, says head of upstream
Petrobras fuel price increase doesn’t go far enough
4 February 2013
The state owned company announced an increase in fuel prices, however analysts say it isn't enough
Subsea technology takes centre stage in Brazil
3 January 2013
State-owned Petrobras has long committed to research and development, a strategy that will harvest benefits from subsea development
Brazil eyes unconventional development
19 July 2012
Shale-gas resources could be largest in Latin America but production will likely be slow
Platform-less deep-water development could become reality
10 November 2011
Innovation is in Petrobras’s DNA, so dreams of a platform-less offshore environment may become reality within a decade
Petrobras set fair despite global storm clouds
12 October 2011
Petrobras chief executive Jose Sergio Gabrielli shrugged off talk that global economic uncertainty could derail the company’s ambitious plans to develop Brazil’s pre-salt play, saying the slowdown in the Brazilian firm’s investment programme had nothing to do with macroeconomics
Brazil’s pre-salt, deep-water discoveries
10 August 2011
Pegged at 15 billion barrels by the SPE, Petrobras's pre-salt oil and gas finds may prove highly profitable. PE provides a timeline for Brazil's challenging discoveries