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Government policy key to investors’ gas concerns
18 September 2020
Slumping prices and imminent capacity expansion have dented investor confidence despite bullish long-term demand forecasts
LNG delays push Pakistan towards coal
18 February 2020
Pakistan’s hope that the growth of LNG imports would relieve energy-induced constraints on economic growth has been dashed by project delays. Instead, it has turned to the IMF for economic help and coal to relieve energy shortages
South Asia steps up LNG push
18 September 2019
India and Pakistan are both adjusting policy and regulation to stimulate gas demand
Pakistan's energy headache shows no sign of lifting
12 April 2019
Gulf and Chinese cash will not solve Pakistan's oil and gas crisis as domestic demand continues to rise
Pakistan gagging for more gas
24 July 2018
Declining domestic natural gas production and delayed import schemes could cause problems
Downward drift
28 June 2018
Gas production across the region is set to decline, with China the major exception, leading to increasing LNG imports
Asia to soak up global LNG glut
3 April 2017
Weak prices reflect a region awash in supplies. Rising demand will soak up the global surfeit, but not until the 2020s
Asia's looming fuel oil supply crunch
21 September 2016
Higher demand and declining imports will tighten supplies
Big gloom, small promise
4 April 2016
New Asian LNG demand centres are emerging while the region’s big consumers need less of the fuel
Mol targets Pakistan’s unconventional potential
19 June 2014
The company wants to increase production to around 140,000 boe/d in the next five years
Asia-Pacific's tricky problem
14 February 2014
The region has vast potential, but can explorers realise it?
Pakistan eyes cut-price Qatari LNG to avoid crisis
13 February 2014
Gulf supplies look set to help satisfy the country's rising domestic gas demand
Politics of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline
18 April 2013
The formal launch of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project has been billed as part of the solution to Pakistan’s deepening energy crisis. Its success, however, is not just a question of diplomacy
Pakistan primed for LNG imports within the next two years
4 October 2012
Pakistan will begin importing 1 billion cubic feet a day (cf/d) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) within the next 12-18 months, the country’s energy minister, Asim Hussain announced
Pakistan confirms commitment to the TAPI pipeline
12 April 2012
Delegates to the Asia Gas Partnership Summit in New Delhi broke into applause after Pakistan confirmed its commitment to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline
PGNiG ramps up Pakistan shale-gas hunt
24 August 2011
PGNiG aims to start shale-gas development in Pakistan's Kirthar Foldbelt basin by the end of the year
UK to aid Pakistan shale-gas development
15 June 2011
DECC moots help to carry out preliminary exploration work
Iran listens for pipes of peace
1 February 2007
Tehran is hoping that its energy customers' need for oil and gas will override adverse circumstances – prices and politics are stalling progress, reports James Gavin