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Opec’s unconventional dilemma with oil prices
13 December 2012
Oepc cannot afford to let oil prices sink but it can scarcely afford to let them rise any higher. It is a conundrum for the group, which, for all the cash flowing its way now, finds itself in a tricky spot.
Opec: same quota, same secretary-general
12 December 2012
Cartel sticks to status quo, keeping production levels - and El-Badri - in place
Opec expected to roll over production ceiling
11 December 2012
Cartel likely to focus on El-Badri's successor rather than on changing output quotas
High oil prices are killing economies, says new book
10 December 2012
Jeff Rubin’s new book says high oil prices are killing economies. But his thesis is let down by some muddled thinking
Crude production rebounds in October
10 December 2012
Global oil production rose to 90.9 million barrels a day in October
Inside the Opec oil-price bubble
14 June 2012
Cartel meets as global economy teeters on brink
Non-Opec outages push global output down
28 March 2012
Global oil production slipped by 200,000 barrels to 90.4 million barrels a day (b/d) in February, as rising Opec output failed to offset losses outside the group
Global oil supplies inch up as Opec output rises
29 February 2012
World oil supply rose by 90,000 b/d in January, reaching 87.9 million b/d, with a jump in output from Opec more than offsetting a 200,000 b/d decline in production outside the cartel, said the IEA
Opec united as storm clouds gather
15 December 2011
The cartel has picked a good time to patch up its differences, but first-quarter 2012 could be rocky for oil markets
Opec’s El-Badri sees swift Libyan oil return
11 October 2011
Libyan oil production will hit 1 million barrels a day (b/d) in six months, and reach pre-war levels in less than 15, said Opec secretary general Abdalla El-Badri on Tuesday
Non-Opec drives global oil-output increase
23 September 2011
World oil production rose by nearly 1 million barrels a day (b/d), to 87 million b/d, in August, with the non-Opec countries providing 80% of the increase, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Brent rebounds on Greek-debt optimism
15 September 2011
Rise of $3 a barrel after opening at around $112/b
Venezuela claims oil-reserves top spot
19 August 2011
Venezuela has toppled Saudi Arabia as holder of the world’s largest proved crude oil reserves, according to Opec
Weak US economic data hammers crude, while gas remains flat and weak
23 June 2011
There are fresh concerns about the US economy as crude prices drop quickly
Opec: Volatility the name of the game
16 June 2011
Global economy "out of the woods"; "$100/b oil is reasonable"; "Saudi Arabia needs Opec", says the cartel’s secretary general, Abdalla El-Badri
Opec divided: Iran's risky battle with Saudi Arabia
9 June 2011
Opec’s Gulf states hold the aces – spare oil-production capacity – in a high-risk, high-profile spat between its members. Derek Brower reports from Vienna
Oil up on Opec dispute; computer duel brings flash crash for US gas
9 June 2011
No consensus or decision on increasing oil output
Opec row sees angry Saudi Arabia shouldering output rise
8 June 2011
Naimi dubs Opec meeting "one of worst ever"
Testing time ahead for Opec
2 June 2011
Market woes and procedural headaches ahead as cartel meets in Vienna
Opec oil production dips again
26 May 2011
Global oil supply dipped to 85.1 million barrels a day in April
Opec’s oil-supply dilemma as Libyan conflict continues
17 May 2011
Next month’s Opec meeting in Vienna is shaping up to be a humdinger
Oil market’s time bomb keeps ticking
27 April 2011
When crude prices topped $100/b again in February, producers and consumers agreed: if the market sustained its surge into triple digits the world’s economy would suffer, and so would oil demand
Global oil production hits all-time high
31 March 2011
Output averaged 86.6 million barrels a day for the month
Demand destruction is on its way
31 March 2011
Which ends first: the oil market's bull run, or the global economic recovery?
A perfect storm in the Middle East as protests continue
24 February 2011
Backing dictatorships is a cynical strategy, but a policy designed to preserve the steady flow of oil from a volatile region may end up doing the opposite
The great recession is over, says Opec secretary general
24 February 2011
The world's economy has nothing to fear from $100/b oil, says Opec secretary general Abdalla El-Badri