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ExxonMobil calls in Syncrude reinforcements
4 April 2012
ExxonMobil is calling in high-level help to address systemic operating problems at Syncrude, Canada’s largest oil-sands mine
Canadian Natural takes Horizon action
9 March 2012
Canadian Natural Resources says it will consult with third parties on ways to increase the reliability of its Horizon oil-sands mine
Canada dodges EU oil-sands bullet
28 February 2012
Failure to agree FQD ban on Alberta crude a rare victory for producers
Canadian Natural crashes on Horizon
16 February 2012
In the latest of a series of unplanned oil-sands outages, Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL) has been forced to shut its 110,000 barrels a day (b/d) Horizon mine for more than a month
Keystone debate far from over
31 January 2012
TransCanada and US Republicans vow to fight on in the battle for the Keystone XL pipeline
Northern Gateway hearings heat up
18 January 2012
Plans to diversify Canada’s oil-export options with a pipeline to the BC coast face scrutiny from aboriginal groups and environmental protestors. Fortunately for the developers, they seem to be listening
Heads roll as Nexen aims to up its game
11 January 2012
Like a struggling hockey team, the front bench of Canada’s Nexen has been shaken up with the surprise resignation of its chief executive and senior vice-president, amid claims of poor operational performance
2012: the year of the oil sands
4 January 2012
With lingering fallout over Canada’s Kyoto rejection and rising confrontation with the oil sands’ legions of opponents, 2012 will be the country’s year of living dangerously
India plots international shale-gas drive
4 January 2012
Unconventional-energy assets, such as oil sands, shale gas and liquids, must be secured to develop a balanced portfolio for India’s ONGC Videsh (OVL), says the company’s new exploration director
Kearl expansion gets go-ahead
22 December 2011
Canada’s Imperial Oil approves an $8.9 billion expansion of the Kearl Oil Sands Project
Keystone XL refuses to die
20 December 2011
Keystone XL becomes an unlikely focal point after American lawmakers tie approval of the $7 billion oil sands pipeline to its deficit debate
Alberta formally abandons nuclear plans
15 December 2011
Shale gas boom stops new reactors which had been planned in 2007
Canada rejects Kyoto; pushes ahead in oil sands
14 December 2011
Approval for Total's $8 billion Joslyn mine came after leaving the UN protocol
Canada lays Kyoto treaty to rest
7 December 2011
Despite abandoning Kyoto, Canadian policy is driving efficiency and technological advances that are reducing emissions
Keystone XL alternatives prompt strategy shift
17 November 2011
The race to supply US refineries from Canada’s oil sands shifted into high gear as rival pipelines moved to outflank each other following last week’s rejection of Keystone XL
Wrangler, the end of the line for XL
11 November 2011
Enbridge touts “significant commitments” for expansion of its mainline system to the Gulf coast
Ted the Terrible downplays oil sands in favour of clean energy
3 November 2011
Alberta's new energy minister, Ted Morton, is reaching out to Canada, downplaying the oil sands in favour of new, clean-energy technology
Canada backs down in FQD row
2 November 2011
The battle with the EU over oil-sands carbon intensity isn’t over yet, says Canada’s energy minister, Joe Oliver
Nebraska: Keystone XL opposition’s Ground Zero
27 October 2011
Nebraska looks set to be the key state in the battle against the $7 billion Keystone oil-sands pipeline
Canada rages at EU fuel standard
26 October 2011
Strong Canadian protests against 'discriminatory' FQD expose EU member-state divisions
Enbridge boss lauded; Northern Gateway under scrutiny
19 October 2011
Canada’s top chief executive, Enbridge’s Pat Daniel, prepares for battle over Northern Gateway – a vital national economic interest
Industry lauds Alberta’s new energy minister
14 October 2011
Alison Redford surprises with appointment of rival Ted Morton to energy portfolio
Canada threatens trade war over EU oil-sands ban
6 October 2011
Symbolic attempt to ban oil-sands crude from Europe sparks trans-Atlantic war of words
Canada counter-attacks in Keystone XL war
3 October 2011
TransCanada president Russ Girling talks exclusively to PEU about the Keystone XL pipeline and why it must be built
Rejection of Keystone XL is 'lose, lose, lose' – TransCanada
3 October 2011
Decision would increase US reliance on foreign oil and emissions, says CEO
Oil sands buffeted by economic headwinds
8 September 2011
Cost inflation and falling North American oil prices are threatening oil-sands developments