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Madagascar could lead unconventionals push
30 January 2014
Sub-Saharan Africa holds known oil sands and shale oil resources, but politics make exploitation tricky
Unconventional oil explained
24 January 2014
Kerogen oil, oil shale, shale oil, oil sands, tight oil: what is the difference?
Capacity crunch
24 June 2013
Canada’s oil sands need new pipelines to new markets
Funding the oil sands
20 June 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta
Face off: Canada versus the EU
14 June 2013
Europe doesn’t import any oil from Alberta, but the proposed fuel quality directive has ignited a row between Brussels and Edmonton
In situ: the next generation for oil production
31 May 2013
Oil sands projects are groundbreaking in the attempts to reach ‘inaccessable’ crude
Road to riches: New proposals for Canadian oil sands
31 May 2013
Shaun Polczer drives into Canada's oily heartland. Men, money and machines travel north. Oil flows south
Lack of pipeline threatening Canadian oil industry
31 May 2013
Canada’s oil sands need new pipelines to new markets
Why Canada’s west coast is an unlikely place for major oil exports
30 May 2013
Shipping heavy crude off British Columbia is risky, unpopular and improbable, says Emma Gilchrist of environmental group Dogwood Initiative
Oil sands boost sees Canada book record output
9 May 2013
Production hit an all-time high in Alberta, which is generates the most oil production in Canada
Canada looks east for oil outlet, challenging Mideast exporters
13 November 2012
Faced with a dwindling number of outlets for oil exports in the US and Asia, Canada is hedging bets and looking to its eastern provinces to take up rising domestic production of tight oil and oil sands
Marathon sales net $1.1bn for Eagle Ford
29 October 2012
Marathon Oil has signed asset-sale deals worth more than $1.1 billion, which it plans to spend at its Eagle Ford shale project
Oil-sands oversight body aims to clean tarred image
23 October 2012
Alberta is looking to clean up its sullied oil-sands image with the creation of an independent environmental monitoring agency
ExxonMobil continues shale expansion with Celtic takeover
18 October 2012
US supermajor ExxonMobil has agreed a C$3.1 billion ($3.2 billion) deal to buy Canadian independent Celtic Exploration, its largest acquisition since a $40 billion takeover of XTO Energy in 2009
Shell moves ahead with Canadian CCS project
6 September 2012
Shell has made a long-awaited decision to proceed with Canada’s first large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project
KPC eyes Athabasca tie-up
6 September 2012
State-run Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is poised to take a stake in Canada’s oil sands. The details of the agreement, with Athabasca Oil Corporation, have yet to be disclosed, vbut Athabasca's shares have risen in anticipation of a deal
EU tells Canada to stop fussing about new fuel-quality rules
18 June 2012
A representative from the EU denied that the bloc is seeking to discriminate against Canada’s oil sands, even as new studies suggest bitumen output from Canada is less polluting on a “well-to-wheels” basis than crudes from Nigeria and Iraq, which are both imported into Europe
TransCanada brings XL back to life
9 May 2012
Despite what its chief executive described as “speed bumps”, the Keystone oil-sands pipeline to Texas is already an important part of TransCanada’s plans to ship 40% of Canada’s exports to the US
Alberta election to redefine Canada’s oil ambitions
4 April 2012
Alberta heads to the polls on 23 April in an election that will help define Canada’s aspirations to become a global energy power
ExxonMobil calls in Syncrude reinforcements
4 April 2012
ExxonMobil is calling in high-level help to address systemic operating problems at Syncrude, Canada’s largest oil-sands mine
Canadian Natural takes Horizon action
9 March 2012
Canadian Natural Resources says it will consult with third parties on ways to increase the reliability of its Horizon oil-sands mine
Canada dodges EU oil-sands bullet
28 February 2012
Failure to agree FQD ban on Alberta crude a rare victory for producers
Canadian Natural crashes on Horizon
16 February 2012
In the latest of a series of unplanned oil-sands outages, Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL) has been forced to shut its 110,000 barrels a day (b/d) Horizon mine for more than a month
Keystone debate far from over
31 January 2012
TransCanada and US Republicans vow to fight on in the battle for the Keystone XL pipeline
Northern Gateway hearings heat up
18 January 2012
Plans to diversify Canada’s oil-export options with a pipeline to the BC coast face scrutiny from aboriginal groups and environmental protestors. Fortunately for the developers, they seem to be listening
Heads roll as Nexen aims to up its game
11 January 2012
Like a struggling hockey team, the front bench of Canada’s Nexen has been shaken up with the surprise resignation of its chief executive and senior vice-president, amid claims of poor operational performance