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Expect record global refinery throughput in Q3
21 September 2016
Runs may surge but they won’t match demand growth
Non-OECD Asia to drive global oil demand growth to 2040
6 November 2014
Opec World Oil Outlook 2014 forecasts total global oil demand will reach 111.1m b/d in 2040
Global climate deal push as CO2 levels soar
12 September 2014
Greenhouse gas levels have reached record highs, making climate change negotiations more urgent
Renewable power generating capacity growing fast
2 September 2014
Over the next six years renewables are expected to account for 80% of the total new power generation
Global production stable as Opec output hits five-month high
18 August 2014
Higher Opec output is offsetting losses from outside
Global oil demand to rise on non-OECD growth
14 July 2014
The IEA says demand growth will rise by 1.4 million barrels per day
Global oil production up with a rise in non-Opec output
24 June 2014
Production increased to 92.6 million barrels a day, boosted by non-Opec output
Global gas demand slowed amid rising coal and renewable use
12 June 2014
The IEA has said the demand grew just 1.2% in 2013
Energy companies could face risks by using third parties
29 May 2014
Integrity compliance and integrity due diligence are crucial to companies with international operations. David Lister and Gavin Proudly of EY look at the key issues, and at how oil and gas companies are tackling them
Global oil production bolstered by Iraqi flows
18 March 2014
Global oil production rose by 600,000 barrels per day (b/d) in February, to 92.89 million b/d, as Opec output soared
Renewables drive transformation of power system
5 March 2014
The system should be transformed completely if it is going to work, says IEA
Global oil output dips on non-Opec losses
17 February 2014
Global oil production fell by 290,000 barrels a day (b/d), to 92.1 million b/d in January, driven by a fall in non-Opec output
Oil prices remain threat to world economy, says IEA
1 October 2013
Chief economist at the IEA said Europe is especially vulnerable to high prices
IEA sees strong demand in 2014, non-OECD overtaking OECD
11 July 2013
Emerging markets will once again lead oil demand growth in 2014, with surging North American production helping to meet record consumption
Global gas demand rises but coal is still king
25 June 2013
An International Energy Agency report says that rising consumption and low prices will drive this boost
Car numbers will soar as vehicles become more efficient
13 February 2013
The number of cars will soar in the coming decades. But they will do much more for much less fuel
The global quest for light tight oil as US production rises
3 January 2013
Forecasts for growth in US oil production and reserves have risen dramatically, thanks to light tight oil. Operators, investors, regulators and politicians are pondering light tight oil's potential and the likely implications for global oil supply and demand
Oil supply dips, regional growth slows
29 July 2010
Global oil supply fell by 255,000 b/d to 83.95m b/d in June, because of both lower Opec and non-Opec output, says the IEA
Oil supply rises, as Opec nations ignore output quotas
6 April 2010
Opec oil supply reached a 14-month high in February, says the IEA
Dawn of the gas economy
23 February 2010
The world could be in its biggest energy-transition phase since the start of the oil economy, the new focus: natural gas
Dawn of the gas economy DUPLICATE 2746044
23 February 2010
The world could be in its biggest energy-transition phase since the start of the oil economy; the new focus? Natural gas
Nuclear decommissioning: the problem that won't go away
3 August 2009
As governments across the world build more nuclear power stations, disposing of the old and dirty reactors is becoming big business, writes Conal Walsh
Oil demand contracts for the first time in 25 years
5 January 2009
Global oil demand in 2008 contracted for the first time since 1983 and will fall again in 2009, says the IEA
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