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Norway's Arctic development will take time and money
20 February 2014
Norway's Arctic experience shows that development in the High North will take time - and money
Russia and Norway lead slow Arctic development
20 February 2014
However the region will remain a marginal energy producer for decades
Management key to operating firms well amid risks
21 November 2013
Oil and gas firms operate in high-tech, often hazardous, and increasingly complex regulated environments. A management system with integrity ensures compliance and provides greater control and transparency across the enterprise, writes Wood Group Intetech's Liane Smith
Hopes rise for cracking the Barents after two discoveries
30 September 2013
Two recent oil discoveries - one in a new area - point to progress in unravelling the complicated geology of Norway's part of the Barents Sea
Norway putting CCS to the test despite costs and delays
15 July 2013
Norway is set to be the proving ground for large-scale carbon capture and sequestration. Despite delays and spiralling costs, the country's hope to be the first to develop a commercial, industrial-scale facility may become reality. Justin Jacobs reports from the Mongstad test facility
20 licences awarded in Norway's big push north
19 June 2013
The round offered licences in the Barents Sea with all but one of the areas in the Arctic circle
Europe’s LNG demand in the doldrums since 2008
3 May 2013
The continent no longer offers a ready market for gas shippers
Talisman and SBM walk away from Norway's Yme field
14 March 2013
Yme field project to be cancelled to save on costs
Evergreener lands: tough Nordic emissions reductions
27 February 2013
The Nordic countries are trying to eke out more fuel efficiencies, but it won’t be easy
Reserves update under wraps for Johan Sverdrup
12 February 2013
An update on the field's reserves will have to wait, but hopes remain high
Norway's Statoil development to launch new gas province
10 January 2013
Statoil has applied for a development in its Aasta Hansteen field
Statoil takes the upstream plunge in Norway
4 January 2013
Norway has a rich history of technological innovation, especially in the upstream sector. And now the country’s flagship producer Statoil is leading the offshore industry’s shift to the sea floor
Shale to spur Statoil output drive
28 November 2012
Statoil aims to increase its global production to 2.5 million barrels of oil equivalent a day (boe/d) by 2020 by ramping up its unconventional exploration and its North Sea operations
Norway pushes the search further north in licensing round
27 June 2012
Strong competition is expected in Norway's 22nd licensing round
Norway’s Johan Sverdrup targeted for 2018 start-up
16 May 2012
The major players in the oil discovery have agreed a development timetable to get oil flowing in 2018
Opportunities grow as shippers chart course with LNG
8 March 2012
Rapid uptake of LNG-powered vessels presents multi-billion dollar opportunity for gas producers
Development steps up in Norway’s Utsira High
9 February 2012
Development work in the North Sea’s Utsira High area – where the vast Johan Sverdrup oilfield is under appraisal – is gathering pace
Statoil's Luva to open up Norwegian Sea gas
8 February 2012
Statoil has chosen a bold development plan for its Luva deep-water gasfield, which will see construction of a new gas-landing pipeline in northern waters and the country’s first use of a spar deep-water platform
Arctic investment competition heats up
11 January 2012
Sustained high oil prices and strategic fiscal terms are creating viable upstream openings in the Arctic. Russia is leading the way
Norway’s largest oil discovery between Avaldsnes and Aldous
25 October 2011
The oilfield stretching between Lundin’s Avaldsnes and Statoil’s Aldous finds is on course to become Norway’s largest – yet the discovery lies in the North Sea’s mature Utsira High area, drilled-over for 45 years
Transocean embroiled in Norwegian tax scandal
28 June 2011
Transocean has been accused of dodging tax on NKr10 billion ($1.8 billion) of revenue in Norway
Statoil’s quest for production growth
13 May 2011
With Norway’s oil output set to decline, finds such as Skrugard are vital to Statoil, but so is more risky overseas expansion
Skrugard find lifts Norway’s north
5 May 2011
Statoil’s Skrugard oil discovery could see the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea shake off its reputation as the dry-hole capital of the world
Maintenance to temporarily shut Snøhvit, says Statoil
5 April 2011
Norwegian plant closed for 40 days; UK LNG withdrawals break new record
The North Sea shows its age as output declines
31 March 2011
The four-country North Sea area is showing increasing signs of maturity, with oil output declining, discoveries becoming smaller – and, most worryingly, exploration activity falling
Territorial issues in the Arctic
30 September 2010
There are more than 100 outstanding teritorial claims in the Arctic region, which could take decades to resolve