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Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine
30 July 2019
Russian supplies to Europe via Ukraine may be heading for an interruption next year
Gasunie and Gazprom look to partner on Nord Stream pipeline
9 July 2015
The companies met in July to discuss collaborating on the Nord Stream pipeline
Gazprom revives Nord Stream boost
19 June 2015
Three European companies will back the doubling of the Nord Stream gas line
Gazprom and partners put second Nord Stream on-stream
11 October 2012
Gazprom and partners started up the second line of their dual Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe in early-October – and edged forward with plans for third and fourth Nord Stream pipelines
LNG can’t beat pipeline gas, Wingas claims
19 May 2011
Northwest Europe has imported record amounts of LNG, but the prices can't beat pipeline gas
First Nord Stream pipeline complete
19 May 2011
Russia’s first direct gas link to the EU is in place, promising to meet around 10% of the bloc’s gas demand from next year
Germany plays environmental politics with Polskie LNG
30 September 2010
German opposition to an €80m ($102m) EU subsidy for the planned Polskie LNG import terminal could delay the project for three years, leaving Poland reliant on Russian gas until 2017
Nord Stream advances with investor confidence
30 September 2010
Nord Stream plans to raise €2.5bn ($3.3bn) by the end of the year and has already been approached by several banks, although it has yet to send out tender documents, writes Tom Nicholls
Energy project finance: an improving, but still fragile, market
2 June 2010
The success of large, recent financing deals, such as Nord Stream and PNG LNG, show the project-finance market can deliver in uncertain economic times, writes Ian Lewis
Gazprom's Nord Stream gas pipeline becomes a reality
4 May 2010
APRIL'S PLANE crash – killing the Polish president, his wife and 86 other dignitaries in Russia – has overshadowed Russian-Polish relations. Yet a few days earlier the two countries had made a breakthrough in their energy relations, which have rarely been good
Gazprom's global gamble
2 November 2009
The market fundamentals for natural gas producers are weaker than they have been for years. But that is not holding back Gazprom's ambitions, writes Derek Brower
The EU's big gas climb-down
3 August 2009
A short-term collapse in demand and long-term plans to draw on renewable supplies could transform the EU's energy sector. Are the worries about energy supply over? Derek Brower reports
Keeping the Putin ship steady
1 April 2008
Will Dmitry Medvedev's ascendancy to the Russian presidency mark a shift in the country's energy policy? Derek Brower reports
New year, new government, new approach
1 February 2008
Improving relations with its neighbours may help to enhance Poland's energy-supply security, writes NJ Watson
Getting the gas to Europe
1 October 2007
Investment in new and existing energy infrastructure, re-balancing the relationship with its suppliers and controlling demand are all necessary if the EU is to achieve its goals of reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security and promoting market liberalisation, writes Derek Brower
Laying the pipes
1 October 2007
To fulfil its ambitions to create a single, united energy market supplied by a diversity of gas exporters, the EU needs infrastructure in place. Derek Brower looks at what is being built and where
Impossible bedfellows
1 April 2007
Europe's energy consumers have spent the last two years worrying about supplies. But is the balance switching back in their favour? Derek Brower writes