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EU: Gas prices set to slump
5 January 2009
Reduced demand leads to European price slump
The days of cheap gas are over
1 May 2005
Natural gas prices are heading north, buoyed by the tight demand/supply conditions that have seen crude oil prices exceed $50 a barrel in recent months. As James Gavin reports, few expect the price pressure to ease in the near term
Gas exchanges arrive
1 May 2005
Europe took another small, but meaningful, step in the liberalisation of its gas markets in February, when Amsterdam-based APX Group launched continental Europe's first exchanges for trading gas, writes NJ Watson
Equatorial Guinea: developing high-margin LNG
30 April 2005
The country's rapid emergence as a 400,000 b/d oil exporter will be crowned when it becomes the African continent's fourth substantial LNG exporter, in just over two years. But the country's offshore attractions are still tainted by alleged government corruption and mismanagement of oil wealth, Martin Quinlan writes
Going with the flow
1 February 2005
In an industry historically dominated by giant-scale fixed and floating offshore developments, the pipelines that carry hydrocarbons production to shore can be somewhat overshadowed. Darius Snieckus examines recent and soon-to-arrive additions to the world's ever-growing offshore oil and gas transport network
Mashreq gas grid emerging
1 February 2005
Politics aside, the development of a unified pipeline network to supply energy to the Mashreq sub-region - comprising a number of eastern Mediterranean states, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian Authority - makes good commercial sense, writes Martin Clark