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Natural gas: flipping the switch of a new era
8 May 2017
A regional view and the big picture: An industry in a fast-changing environment
Now for the glut
5 July 2016
Petrochemical supplies are still rising but demand growth is less certain than it was
Emerging suppliers are banking on China's gas needs
28 May 2015
The country is poised to be a pivotal player in global gas markets as demand surges
China to become second largest shale-gas producer by 2035
30 April 2015
BP's chief economist predicts the Chinese will be second only to North America
Demand for gas will rise by over 50% says IEA
23 April 2015
For the past few years industry executives have been talking up natural gas. Excited by the possibilities of a hydrocarbon that is, thanks to shale, considered globally abundant, relatively clean to burn, and easy to ship, the enthusiasts have proclaimed that the 21st century will belong to the fuel.
Ambiguity over Indian gas demand figures
20 April 2015
A pivot towards coal in the absence of concrete plans for gas price reform could see bullish projections for Indian gas demand growth evaporate
LNG prices are falling as the oil price drops
13 November 2014
Australian and US producers are feeling the pinch as the balance of power is tilting
Global gas demand slowed amid rising coal and renewable use
12 June 2014
The IEA has said the demand grew just 1.2% in 2013
Sinopec spends big to hit shale gas targets
4 June 2014
Figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveal that the country's costs are higher than competitors
Cheap US LNG just a mirage argues Tri-Zen
17 February 2014
Asian-based gas specialists at Tri-Zen say potentially cheaper prices could lead to a supply shortfall
Henry Hub natural gas price shifts to global benchmark
30 April 2013
US gas players face crossroads as North American natural gas is moving away from being a regional price point to become a global benchmark
Large scale LNG exports will boost US economy, report says
11 December 2012
The reports findings are expected to swing government policy in favour of commercial LNG exports
IEA puts weight behind Asian gas spot market
23 October 2012
Providing an alternative to traditional oil-linked pricing and cutting high cost paid for LNG is very important, says International Energy Agency's director
Shale unlikely to bring cheap gas to UK
27 September 2012
Shale-gas production in the UK will be slow to come and is unlikely to deliver the kind of cheap natural gas prices buyers enjoy in the US
UK gas panic after freezing weather sparks LNG activity
7 February 2012
UK gas jumps above Russian oil-linked and Asian LNG prices
A market hungry for US LNG amid price concerns
2 February 2012
Companies are queuing up for potential US LNG exports, but domestic consumers are worried about the impact on Henry Hub gas prices
Foreign exchange losses hit Encana’s bottom line
21 October 2011
Encana, Canada’s largest natural gas producer, posted sharply lower third quarter profits this week, a result of foreign exchange losses rather than low gas prices
LNG prices: With rising demand, the only way is up
3 August 2011
With rising demand for LNG set to outstrip supply for the foreseeable future prices will, inevitably, rise in Asia and in Europe
Easing the transition from oil-indexation
3 August 2011
The days of traditional oil-linked prices for long-term contracts in Europe are over. New contractual mechanisms will smooth the transition to a fully liquid gas market
LNG bulls build up head of steam as prices continue to rise
28 July 2011
Global liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices are rising and will continue to rise over the next few months, even years
Gas markets enter a new era as high demand continues
19 July 2011
The era of high demand for gas will continue, as an abundance of fresh conventional and unconventional supply keeps prices low and its lower carbon emissions make gas an attractive alternative to coal as a power feedstock
Oil up on Opec dispute; computer duel brings flash crash for US gas
9 June 2011
No consensus or decision on increasing oil output
Japan nuclear delays lift LNG prices
27 April 2011
Spot LNG prices rose this week, after Japan delayed the restart of some nuclear power plants while also bringing in more gas-fired turbines to meet summer electricity demand.
LNG market shrugs off Japan aftershock
8 April 2011
European gas price rise driven by crude-market rally
High oil price triggers LNG bargain hunt
24 February 2011
Asia and Europe hunt for cheap spot LNG volumes; more spot cargoes available later this year
Crude prices strong, but North American gas keeps falling
28 October 2010
Oil prices remain firm, with New York's front-month contract trading at around $81/b on 22 October